MWDN: Regional School Committee hikes Southborough’s 2013 assessment

While the K-8 School Committee was meeting to hash out its differences with the Advisory Committee last night, the Regional School Committee was meeting to approve its proposed FY13 budget. It’s a budget that doles out an 8% increase to Southborough taxpayers thanks to rising Southborough enrollment.

Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

Committee members agreed with Gobron that an increased Southborough presence at Algonquin calls for a corresponding shift of the financial burden.

Gobron presented committee members with enrollment percentages over the last 10 years, when the Algonquin population consisted of 68 percent Northborough residents, and 32 percent from Southborough.

Comparatively, there are currently 57 percent of Northborough residents and 43 percent of Southborough residents attending the school now.

“I think that 11 percent shift is a reason for some of the financial difficulties we’ve been having with this budget,” Gobron said.

The overall regional school budget approved by the committee is a 5% increase over last year. Northborough’s assessment will increase 4% compared to Southborough’s 8%.

You can read more about the budget discussion – including the decision to impose a mandatory $50 activity fee – in this article by the Metrowest Daily News.

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