Complete the 2024 Town survey by March 8th

Info collected from residents will help inform officials and voters for the upcoming Annual Town Meeting

The Town is requesting that residents participate in the annual survey.* Topics cover quality of life, departments and resources, and priorities for what you would like to see officials focus on.

This year, the survey also includes feedback on two issues that Town officials anticipate being topics at the Annual Town Meeting on March 23rd — MBTA Communities Zoning** and Dispatch staffing models. To help them prepare, and to inform other budget discussions, residents are asked to take part in time for them to compile results. Read the full article → from Complete the 2024 Town survey by March 8th

Interim Fire Chief selected

Select Board happy that work on dispatch options won't be held up when current chief retires.

This week, the Select Board voted to appoint former Boxborough Fire Chief Paul Fillebrown Jr. to step in as Southborough’s interim Chief when Chief Steven Achilles steps down. (The position is contingent on coming to final contract terms.) Read the full article → from Interim Fire Chief selected

Residents may be looking at a big tax increase.

Unique drivers this year (including Schools & Public Safety)

It looks like the Town is facing a bigger than usual challenge this year in trying to rein budget increases in. Big drivers for tax increases this year aren’t the same one we have seen in the past couple of years. Read the full article → from Residents may be looking at a big tax increase.

Job listings

SYFS Business Admin, Fire Chief, Firefighter/Paramedic, Police Officer, Equipment Operator/Truck Driver, NSBORO Schools' Director of Instructional Technology and Science, ELD/ESL High School Teacher, Coaches, and more

The Town is promoting a new opening for a full time Business Admin, and working to recruit a replacement for the outgoing Fire Chief, and a firefighter/paramedic.

In looking at the Town’s website, they are also still trying to hire a Police Officer and a driver for DPW. Plus, there are a bunch more listings for jobs in our schools. Read the full article → from Job listings

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