MWDN: Northborough wants judge to act on school lawsuit

by susan on April 27, 2011

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By now most of you probably know that Northborough is suing Southborough – along with the regional school district – over how to assess costs associated with the Algonquin renovation. The Metrowest Daily News reports today that Northborough will soon ask the judge to make a summary judgement in the case.

At stake is $1.5M in assessments to be paid out over the next 15 years or so.

It all comes down to how to equitably assess mortgage payments on the $61M renovation project. Southborough says the towns should use the Regional Agreement, which has been in place for decades and which Northborough agreed to. The agreement says payments should be divided based on school enrollment. But Northborough argues that state law — specifically Chapter 70B which considers socio-economic factors — trumps the Regional Agreement.

If Northborough wins the case, they’ll pay $1.5M less and Southborough will pay $1.5M more than they would if the Regional Agreement was used.

The disagreement has been simmering for years, and with no resolution in sight, Northborough filed suit last November. Northborough Town Administrator John Coderre told Town Meeting this week he plans to move the process along.

“Northborough, at every turn of the road on this issue, in my opinion, has taken the high road,” Coderre told voters Monday night.

He said he anticipates the town will soon file a motion asking a judge to make a decision based on the arguments that have been presented so far.

You can read more in this article the Metrowest Daily News. For all the background on the assessment issue, see this batch of posts.

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