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Southborough Police posted a warning on on their Facebook page.

Apparently, someone has used “Caller ID/Phone Spoofing” to fake at least one scam call from Southborough Police, even showing their phone number:


We are currently investigating a complaint from one of our residents, who stated that they had just received a scam phone call from the Southborough Police Department’s Business Number ((508) 485-2147). The resident stated that the scam phone call came up on their caller ID as the business number of the Southborough Police Department. The resident reported that the suspect caller (who spoke with an accent), stated that they were calling from the IRS, and that they had a warrant for the resident’s arrest. The scammer never asked for personal information, but the resident relayed that it appeared as though they were waiting for him to offer that information (through this scare tactic).

This incident is an example of a criminal practice called “Caller ID/Phone Spoofing”. Information on what it is, and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones, can be found here:

Again, the scam works by the suspect being allowed to enter ANY phone number as the caller, so that the fake number shows up on the victim’s caller ID. The recipient believes that they are speaking to that agency, and may be tricked into offering up personal information. Please contact the Southborough Police Department if you have received a similar phone call.

Please “like” and “share” this post so that we can avoid future victims of this phone scam. Thank you.

My phone was very recently targeted for a police scam, but without the Caller ID spoofing. That caller claimed to be from state police and threatened that a warrant was out for arrest on a member of my family.

It was clearly phony to me. But I got the impression they were targeting immigrants who may be less familiar with police and legal procedures. I would guess pretending to be from the police is just one more tactic for those “phishing” for identity fraud data.

So careful to be certain who you are talking to before sharing information!


Post image for ZBA grants Ken’s Foods 24×7 approval with conditions

Above: What noises should be expected when living near an industrial property like the former Nynex/Verizon building was a point of contention at this week’s ZBA meeting. (Image from Google Maps)

This week, Ken’s Foods returned to the Zoning Board of Appeals for clarification on their special permit.

The business requested permission to operate on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis. In a public hearing, neighbors continued to argue that the business is already too loud and disruptive to their lives.

The ZBA voted to approve the hours based on restrictions to reduce noise that they hope will improve the situation for neighbors.

The effectiveness of the restrictions may be determined by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection down the road.

During the public hearing several neighbors were up in arms over noises that they say have disrupted their lives. They argued the applicants promises were full of unacceptable hypotheticals.

Chair Leo Bartolini informed abutters that they took on the risk when they moved into a neighborhood pressed up against an industrial zone.

According to Bartolini, the laws support businesses right to operate 24 hours in that location. He claimed to have read six similar court cases from the past seven years with court rulings in favor of the applicants.

One neighbor, Mike Deneen, accused the Chair of placing the business interests above the residents’.  [click to keep reading…]


Post image for Young students challenged to be WordMasters and Math Olympiads

Once again, Southborough Recreation is offering academic competitions for Woodward and Neary students.

Instead of being coached on an athletic field, teams will sharpen their language and math skills.

2014-15 Registration opens this Monday and runs through Friday, October 3.

Both weekly programs are offered October through mid-April for $160.

WordMasters – for 3rd and 4th graders

Starting in October, Woodward’s 3rd grade and Neary’s 4th grade students can learn to be WordMasters.

The WordMasters Challenge program helps kids to improve their vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Students are challenged to think analytically and metaphorically.

Competitive meets encourage children to sharpen their skills. And to prepare for the meets, instructors will use creative, fun and effective techniques and activities.

The programs begin October 7th and run Tuesdays for one hour, immediately after school. The season runs through April.

Last spring, one member of the Neary WordMaster team made news with his perfect score.

417 teams competed in the 4th grade’s Blue Division. Only 50 of the competing students earned a perfect score in the year’s first national meet. Southborough team member Stefan Linden was one of them.

To learn more, click here. To register online, visit the Southborough Recreation Department’s website.

Math Olympiads – Neary students

The Math Olympiad seeks to to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Math. 

The annual mathematics competition consists of monthly contests. Students are introduced to important Math concept and taught strategies for problem solving.

Children will develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems and strengthen their Mathematical intuition. Organizers also hope to foster creative and ingenuity.  [click to keep reading…]


Post image for Local employer awards Southborough’s Education Foundation with $5,000 grant

Above: Staples Foundation has awarded SEF a grant to fund a gas chromotograph machine for Algonquin’s science department. (Photo posted to Flickr by NOAA)

SEF has won a grant on behalf of Southborough schools in a competitive grant program from Staples, a local employer. The $5,000 grant funded a gas chromatograph machine to be used in Algonquin’s science classrooms.

A chromatograph  machine ”enables students to determine substance composition and introduces them to higher-level separation techniques,” according to SEF.

This new device is not normally available in schools, but needed in science-based careers, will be be used in several science classes such as Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Forensics and Organic Chemistry.

SEF said, “The enhancement to our school’s science program will better prepare Algonquin science students for college-level laboratory classes and beyond.”

Of course, this grant would not have been possible without the help of  the Staples’ 2 Million and Change program.

And it seems we have local Staples associates to thank.

According to SEF, the program allows its associates to direct funding to non-profit organizations that are focused on education or job skills. In addition:

the program encourages local community engagement by awarding larger grants to organizations where associates are highly engaged in volunteering or fundraising – up to $25,000 per organization.

20140918_SEF_PressRelease_ScreenshotIn May, SEF announced the purchasing of the a gas chromatograph machine, but funds for it were coming out of SEF’s normal fundraising efforts. Now that the SEF has a primary funder they’re elated to share the news with the community.

SEF member Joe Holtschlag said he hopes “people will smile at the Staples building when they go by, knowing that [they've] invested in their children’s education.”

This is the third time the local chain has financially supported to SEF programs for Southborough schools.


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Post image for Meet the President: Advanced ticket sale for October 18 Historical event

Next month, residents will get the chance to “meet” a former President of the United States.

Really, former.

As in our nation’s second president, John Adams.

The President won’t be conjured by seance, he’ll be played by an actor in full regalia.

“Meet John Adams” is presented by the Southborough Historical Society. They promise:

a lively and revolutionary conversation with America’s second president featuring George W. Baker as John Adams.

This event will be held Saturday evening, October 18th, 2014 at the South Union School Building (aka Art Center), 21 Highland Street.

Tickets are limited. To purchase them, click here.

The price is $25 per ticket with all proceeds benefiting the Historical Society and the Museum.

The evening begins with Social Hour & refreshments at 6:00 pm followed by a 7:00 pm presentation.


Your favorite places: Apple picking (fall 2014)

by beth on September 18, 2014

Post image for Your favorite places: Apple picking (fall 2014)

It’s that time of year when playgroups meet at orchards and families look for a good weekend to go apple picking.

So, it’s time to run another post on your favorite places to pick them.

In past years, some of you shared your favorite orchards. (Readers looking for those comments can click here.)

But opinions change. Maybe an an old favorite has gone downhill, while another orchard stepped up its game. Maybe your priorities have changed (like worrying about which one uses less pesticides.)

Or maybe you have new discoveries to share.

So, as Susan started asking three years ago. . .

What are your favorite places to pick apples?

Who has the best deals? The most variety? Who offers good activities for the kids? Which one is the most picturesque? And who has the best cider and donuts?

Share your opinions in the comments.

(Photo by Beth Melo)


School news roundup: Boost in state funding, superintendent priorities, tech update and more

September 18, 2014 11:30:11 AM

Southborough Wicked Local covered the recent school committee meetings for the town and district. Here are excerpts from their recent stories.

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On the market this week in Southborough

September 18, 2014 09:40:00 AM
Thumbnail image for On the market this week in Southborough

What went on and off the market this week.

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Quabbin Foliage Tour for seniors – October 3

September 18, 2014 07:30:53 AM
Thumbnail image for Quabbin Foliage Tour for seniors – October 3

Southborough seniors are invited to join a tour of the Quabbin Reservoir next month.

The tour will include some interesting history. But the main attraction is the view.

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La Leche: Support for pregnant women and nursing mothers – fall meetings begin Thursday (Updated)

September 17, 2014 04:20:26 PM
Thumbnail image for La Leche: Support for pregnant women and nursing mothers – fall meetings begin Thursday (Updated)

A Southborough resident helping to lead a local La Leche League asked me to share their information.

If you aren’t familiar with La Leche, the group supports nursing women and soon-to-be-mothers.

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SCAC: Cultural arts grant applications due by October 15

September 17, 2014 02:20:45 PM
Thumbnail image for SCAC: Cultural arts grant applications due by October 15

Southborough Cultural Arts Council is looking to fund more programs in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences.

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SPD initiates new business resource program; seeks business community feedback

September 17, 2014 11:24:12 AM

New business resource program seeks to improve police services to the commercial division of the community

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Support the Finn Fall Festival – October 3

September 17, 2014 09:30:00 AM
Thumbnail image for Support the Finn Fall Festival – October 3

Organizers are looking for contributions and volunteers to support the annual event.

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Service Academy Fair – September 20

September 17, 2014 07:30:00 AM
Thumbnail image for Service Academy Fair – September 20

An invitation was issued to high school students in our district (and all of the 5th Congressional District). This Saturday, Congresswoman Clark is holding a free Service Academy Fair.

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