Earlier this week it felt like spring. Then the groundhog “told us” that spring is coming soon. And yet it feels like today is the real start of winter.


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So, it’s a little ironic that today is the day Southborough Rec issued their Spring/Summer program brochure.

That’s OK. It’s perfect for those in town who hate snowy roads and cold temps.

If today is making you grumpy, maybe taking a look at the fun that Rec has in store for you after the thaw is a good distraction.




Post image for Police warnings: Stay off roads; Framingham Road closed; power outages

Above: National Weather Service has upped Southborough’s forecast to 8-12″ on their latest map posted to Facebook. Though text forecast says 6-10″.

At 1:30 pm, Southborough Police posted to Facebook:

Framingham Road is closed (wires down) between Boston Road and East Main Street. Please seek an alternate route.

Just prior, the SPD asked drivers to stay off roads if possible:

We ask you all to please stay off the roads. We are experiencing a high volume of calls, reporting all the usual snow storm incidents (car accidents, trees and wires down, etc).

National Grid is currently showing several outages in Southborough effecting 358 customers. (The map shows incidents reported all over the map, though each purportedly only effecting a few customers.)

At this point, no estimate is provided for power restorations. The utility company is still just listing the outages as in “Assessing Condition” mode. NGrid has tweeted that they are hard at work repairing outages in MA, RI, and upstate NY. (To report a new incident, call 1-800-465-1212.)

The National Weather Service forecasts that snow is slowing down. But it is still showing “chance” of snow through 4:00 pm and “slight chance” until 5:00 pm.

Updated (2/5/16 2:25 pm) SEMA posted a notice on Facebook. In addition to common sense safety tips in snow storms, it warns that today’s snow is heavy:

Some Snow Safety topics:1. Keep far away from downed power lines and anything they are touching. Some may be hidden…

Posted by Southborough Emergency Management Agency on Friday, February 5, 2016


Post image for 9/11 Field legislation passed; Town able to re-turf

Above: Good news on the initiative to save 9-11 Memorial Field. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

A state law has been passed allowing the Town of Southborough to lease 9/11 field for at least 15 years. It was the critical step in keeping the field open for use.

In 2013, Southborough Recreation announced that the turf field was reaching the end of its life. They planned to phase out the field’s use for recreation and sports.

Re-turfing the field is expensive. And restrictions on the state owned land made financing prohibitive.

One of the biggest hurdles was that the state would only allow the Town to lease the field for periods of 5 years or less. Meanwhile, long term financing requires a long term lease.

After news broke, youth sports organizers learned the loss of the field was going to have a serious impact. Lacrosse, soccer and even baseball would be competing for limited grass fields which some worry are already overused.

Jim Hegarty (a Lacrosse coach and now Town Clerk) spearheaded an initiative to save 9/11 field. He coordinated a plan with town leagues and Recreation would ensure that financing is covered by user fees – not taxes.

The efforts included articles passed at two Town Meetings and special state legislation with the help from Representive Carolyn Dykema.

9/11 Memorial Field (photo from 2011 memorial ceremony by Chris Wraight)Residents were also asked to participate in a letter-writing campaign to the State oversight committee. They were also reminded that the field serves as a memorial for September 11th.

Yesterday afternoon, Dykema’s office confirmed victory after the bill was signed into law:

An Act directing the division of capital asset management to lease a certain parcel of land in the town of Southborough (H.3762), a bill sponsored by Representative Carolyn Dykema and Senator Jamie Eldridge, was passed by the legislature the week of January 24th and signed by the governor on February 4, 2016. [click to keep reading…]


Post image for No school today – February 5, 2016 (Updated)

I got my early morning wake up call from Superintendent Johnson. That means, no school for Southborough public schools and Algonquin Regional High School today.

(And the first possible last day of school is now June 20th.)

That means the Southborough Senior Center and any playgroups, daycares or preschools that go by the school’s snow policy are closed today.

The free Share the Love party for toddlers is postponed until next Friday, February 12th.

I’ll update this post later if there are more cancellations to report. (Please, shout out a comment if you hear one before I do!)

Updated (2/5/16 8:37 am): More information on closings and openings:

  • Neary Noodle Night is cancelled. Stay tuned for information on a new date.
  • Open for regular operating hours – the Town House, Transfer Station, and Southborough Library

(2011 Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)


Post image for SEMA warning: 4-6″ of snow, with pockets of 8″ (Updated)

Above: The National Weather Service is forecasting the morning to start of messy with possible rain and snow overlap (Image cropped from National Weather Service website)

Uh oh. It’s looking like there might not be school tomorrow morning.

That isn’t an official cancellation. (If school is cancelled or delayed, you’ll likely hear about that through an early morning phone call!)

At this point things are fairly uncertain. The National Weather Service is forecasting:

Snow, mainly before noon. High near 34. North wind 9 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.

Southborough Emergency Management issued this announcement an hour ago:

Throughout the course of the day the forecast for the approaching snow storm for tonight through Friday has dramatically changed from a Coating – 1” this morning to a current (Winter Storm Warning) forecast of 4-6” with pockets of 8” in the Southborough area. The time line for snow fall is Friday 1am thru 3pm. There is a possibility that warmer temperatures may move further north/west which would decrease the snow totals and result in heavy rain. [click to keep reading…]


Post image for SOLF presents Beaver Solutions – February 23

Above: Beavers on the Sudbury River have been causing some damming problems for residents. An expert will talk about “working with nature” to find “beaver solutions” (Photo by Beth Melo)

Southborough Open Land Foundation is sponsoring a talk by Beaver Solutions this month.

The decision to bring in the speaker was based on a growing population of beavers in town and the effect its having on nearby properties.

In the fall, I spoke to a resident abutting Sudbury River who “thanks” to a beaver dam was actually able to row a boat in her own yard! I learned a lot of fascinating things about beavers that day. Now it’s your turn.

Trapping the cute/industrious/pesky rodents is somewhat restricted. So what are your options? You can find out on February 23rd at the Southborough Library:  [click to keep reading…]


ARHS Arts: Awards and performances in music, visual art, and poetry

February 4, 2016 02:19:03 PM
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2016 has barely begun. But students in Algonquin’s arts programs have already accomplished a lot this year.

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Area transportation and development news

February 4, 2016 11:30:00 AM

For those of you concerned about traffic, transportation, and area development, I have a couple of items to share.

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On the market this week in Southborough

February 4, 2016 09:20:44 AM
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What went on and off the market this week.

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SWL: Crash driver tracked down in the woods

February 4, 2016 07:24:30 AM

Residents in the neighborhood of Parmenter and Pine Hill roads have been telling the town their roads and intersection are dangerous. Now, they have a doozy of an example.

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BOS approves Burnett House preservation steps

February 3, 2016 04:16:21 PM
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Last night, the Board of Selectmen announced that they had approved a Preservation Restriction on 84 Main Street.

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Clear your calendar: Southborough Unscheduled – March 17

February 3, 2016 02:40:01 PM
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Southborough Youth and Family Services has announced the annual NON-event of the year, Southborough UNscheduled. The goal is to help families reconnect in an era of over-scheduling and electronic distractions.

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BOS approves “non-opposition” to Medical Marijuana Dispensary but urges seeking new site

February 3, 2016 12:32:28 PM

Selectmen agreed that the spot wasn’t the best choice. Still, they voted to provide a letter of non-opposition to the dispensary.

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Make sure you are correctly enrolled (or unenrolled) for the Primary – deadline Feb 10 (Updated)

February 3, 2016 09:32:55 AM
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Did you know that Independent is a party affiliation, which is different than being unenrolled? And are you sure which way you are registered?

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