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Flags in Southborough and across the state are flying at half staff  today in honor of Officer Dennis O. Simmonds, Boston Police Department, of Hyde Park, who died on April 10, 2014.

Officer Simmonds, was designated to receive a National Award for his bravery in the Watertown shootout following the Boston Marathon bombings. You can read more here.

(photo from Susan Fitzgerald)


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Town Meeting had an estimated over 400 in attendance last night. (No official count yet.) Voters easily approved most articles addressed, including a controversial open space acceptance.

13 Articles still need to be addressed at the continued meeting, beginning  7:30 pm tonight at the Trottier Middle School auditorium.

The one motion to fail last night was the request to indefinitely postpone the acceptance of Barn Hollow Open Space. Planning Board Chair Don Morris requested pulling the item in order to continue working on a compromise.

According to Morris, the developer, Brendan Homes, recently filed papers on the issue. The developer blamed the delay on needing to wait for snow to melt before land could be surveyed. No details were provided as to what the developer proposed, just that there was progress.

Two members of the neighborhood asked voters to give them more time to resolve the issues. Other residents echoed the recommendations of the Advisory Board and Open Space Preservation Commission to stop dragging the issue out. (For more background on the issue, click here.) After the motion to postpone the decision failed, more than the required 2/3 of voters chose to accept the land.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the other of the first 17 Articles 1-17  including a $46.8 million budget (a 3.64% increase), but not without discussion. Here are some of the highlights:  [click to keep reading…]


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Southborough Recreation is teaming up again with local artist Jean Comerfordto offer silhouette cuttings. They make great Mother’s Day gifts or special keepsakes for the ones you love.

Silhouette sittings are available next week by appointment only. Here’s more information:

Portraits in Silhouette
Handcut by Artist Jean Comerford (

Dates: Wednesday, April 23 and Thursday, April 24 (by appointment only)
Times: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Southborough Recreation Department, 21 Highland Street
Cost: $30 per child for the first silhouette cut, $15 for a second cut; Single 5×7 oval frames available for $30, double or triple 8×10 frames for $45, mounting included

Silhouettes are appropriate for children ages 6 months and up. To make an appointment, call 508-229-4452 or email

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On the market this week in Southborough

by beth on April 17, 2014

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Above: This home at 154 Main Street went on the market this week for $650,000 (MLS photo)

Here’s what went on and off the market this week. Thanks to Gail DuBois (email) of Keller Williams for supplying the town’s new listing information for the week.

New on the market

Sale pending

  • 247 Parkerville Road (map) – 2 unit, 8 total room, 3 total bedroom 2 Family – 2 Units Side by Side – 15 days on the Market, Listed at $399,900
  • 55 Edgewood Road (map) – 10 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial – 64 days on the Market, Listed at $587,000


  • 53 Carriage Hill Circle (map) – 10 room, 2 bed, 3f 1h bath Townhouse – 228 days on the Market, Listed at $629,000, Sold at $610,000


Robotics at the Library this Thursday

by beth on April 16, 2014

This week, the library will host an event run by St. Mark’s School’s robotics team.

Do you want to build a robot?

Join FIRST Team 3566 from St. Mark’s School to learn about building FIRST robots

Thursday, April 17 at 4:00 pm

Suitable for everyone

All ages are welcome for this event, no registration necessary.

Wondering what FIRST is? The acronym stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. The organization holds regional state and national student competitions. St. Mark’s, Algonquin and Assabet are among the local high schools with competing teams. (Stay tuned later this week/next for more news from ARHS’ team.)


Letter: From Selecman Dan Kolenda

by beth on April 16, 2014

[Ed note: My Southborough accepts signed letters to the editor submitted by Southborough residents. Letters may be emailed to]

To the Editor:

Tonight is the first night of our Annual Town meeting. There are many important issues to be discussed and voted upon, and I encourage everyone to come out, listen to the issues, debate and vote. This is pure democracy at its best and your active participation in our town is encouraged and appreciated.

I’m back from my Army mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s great to be home. It was an amazing mission to a truly challenging place. I was proud to represent our Country and Town. I, along with 5 other military officers from each branch of service, helped train approximately 3,000 Congolese soldiers on subjects ranging from the Law of Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Gender Violence. I know we did a lot of good, and left those soldiers and that place better than we found it. You can and should be proud of the work your military does to help make our world a better and safer place to live.

While I was out of the country I understand some controversy was generated regarding election signs. I was sad to see the commentary about mine, especially when I knew and confirmed that there was no time restriction. My supporters and I started things when we did in large measure due to all the upcoming travel I needed to do. I was especially dismayed to see that all the misguided controversy started with a posting by someone using an alias. That person was critical of my signs and indicated he had left me a voicemail alerting me to that concern, likely in an effort to have me take my signs down. I only received one voicemail in that regard, and it was not from an alias, but rather, from Mr. Parry. So it was the pen of Mr. Parry who started all of the controversy, and it was he who was misinformed, and then through his posting using an alias, he misinformed others. He then had the audacity to post under his own name and concluded his post saying “It is not fair to pick on Mr. Kolenda when he is out of the country” and “please lay off a person who is not even here to respond.” Well I am here, and I do want to respond.

This is not about politics. It is about the truth. I have done nothing wrong, nothing other than serve my family, my town and my country, and all my supporters wanted to do before I left was put a sign in their own lawn. Mr. Parry, through an alias, started this by taking the low road, then under his own name tried to take the high road. It is not acceptable behavior for anyone, especially one who seeks to assume a position of significant authority in our Town. Governing is serious business that requires serious people. People who are committed to doing what is right for the entirety of our town, not their own personal agenda. I’m confident that the good people of Southborough are now seeing this more and more.

There has been a lot of discussion about the pending Main Street construction project, as there should be, but Mr. Parry continues to bemoan ‘State rules’ and ‘State funding’ and a ‘State plan.’ Well who is the State? It’s you and me and everyone else who lives in Southborough, State of Massachusetts. It’s our plan, and we will continue to work with our consultant and the people of Southborough, including through a new Working Group your Board is seeking to establish, to ensure that it’s the very best plan possible. Asphalt does not last forever, drainage does not last forever. With increased traffic comes the increased responsibility to move that traffic more efficiently and more safely through our town. New sidewalks and bike paths would also be welcome additions, and would enhance public safety. I believe responsible leadership does not vote in favor of an article at Town Meeting that will likely result in us losing almost $6,000,000 without making an effort to achieve a consensus on the design. If Mr. Parry’s articles pass, what then? Where is that money going to come from? It will come from the pockets of each and every taxpayer in our town, and it may come at the expense of doing other things, such as a new, much needed public safety building. Mr. Parry, who a mere few months ago aggressively urged me to support undergrounding as part of this project, now, with undergrounding removed, is completely against the project.

Mr. Parry, in a bizarre statement at one of our public meetings, misinformed the public and accused me of offering him $10,000 of your money to fund his article. Not only was that patently untrue, it is reflective of someone who cannot separate fact from fiction. Mr. Parry has no hesitation in threatening and belittling people to achieve his objective. I am aware of multiple groups and individuals he has attempted to strong arm to get his way. He even threatened me during a phone call that if I did not support his articles he would come out fully against me during my re-election. Well, I don’t respond to threats and these issues will not be resolved through threats and intimidation. I’ve served in a forward area in Iraq and I’ve been to the Democratic Republic of Congo, categorized by our government as Designated Receipt of Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Area. Mr. Parry’s threats and hostile approach do not intimidate me as I will always do what I think best for the entirety of the town I love.

Dan Kolenda

Chairman, Southborough Board of Selectman


Reminder: SG Scholarship applications due April 18 – for more than gardening

April 16, 2014 01:00:00 PM
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The Southborough Gardeners are offering a scholarship to a student who has been accepted to a school of higher learning or is presently attending college in one of the following fields: Arts and/or Sciences related to Horticulture, Floral Design, Environmental Studies, Ecology, Conservation, Agriculture, Botany or Landscape Architecture/Design.

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Roundup of town politics in SWL: Candidate deception, Police Chief politics, and Warrant Article on appointing chiefs

April 16, 2014 11:07:00 AM

Here are some stories about residents recemtly honored through their achievements:

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Letter: David Parry’s response to Bill Boland’s letter

April 16, 2014 09:30:15 AM

My Southborough accepts signed letters to the editor submitted by Southborough residents. Letters may be emailed to

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Southborough fire logs (4/8-4/14/14): Aid with brush fire in Northborough during high winds

April 16, 2014 07:30:18 AM
Thumbnail image for Southborough fire logs (4/8-4/14/14): Aid with brush fire in Northborough during high winds

The latest logs from the Southborough Fire Department.

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Obituary: Thomas V. Aucoin, 70

April 15, 2014 04:30:24 PM

Thomas V. Aucoin, 70, of Southborough, died on Monday April 14, 2014.

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2014 Boston Marathon runner: Karyn Feinberg Clarke

April 15, 2014 02:30:00 PM
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Southborough has always had an impressive showing at the Boston Marathon, and this year is no exception. On Monday, April 21, thirty-five Southborough residents will don a bib a run for themselves and for causes they hold dear. Every runner has a story, and from now until marathon day, I’ll feature as many of those stories as I can on the blog.

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Letter: Main Street Project (by Selectman Bill Boland)

April 15, 2014 10:30:33 AM

My Southborough accepts signed letters to the editor submitted by Southborough residents. Letters may be emailed to

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Why flags are at half staff: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014 09:30:15 AM
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Flags in Southborough and across the state are flying at half staff today in honor of the individuals who lost their lives and were injured during the Boston Marathon Bombings of April 15, 2013.

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