Car Seat Inspection Day – Saturday

by beth on April 22, 2018

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Above: Do you ever worry if your “car seat” is installed properly? (image cropped from flickr by Adrien’s Mama)

This Saturday, two experts will offer their insight to Southborough parents (and caregivers, grandparents, or anyone else who has reason to be driving babies and young children around.) The “trained technicians” will inspect/help install car seats to make sure they are correctly secured.

Car Seat Inspection Day will take place from 9:00 am – noon on Saturday, April 28th in the parking lot behind the Fire Station. The free service is organized by Southborough Kindergroup, with help from Southborough Officer Kevin Landry and resident Jason Malinowski (a Boxborough Fire Lt.).

Consider bringing your kids with you to inspect their fit, too. (from flickr by Bradley Gordon)

(click to enlarge)

Many studies show the majority of car seats are installed improperly. Stop by to have trained technicians inspect your car seat. The technicians are happy to help with the installation of new car seats, provide advice on whether it is the right car seat for your child, or simply check to make sure your existing car seat is installed properly. Inspections normally take 15 minutes or less (depending on number of seats and their condition).

To help the inspectors, please bring some essentials with you:

Parents/caregivers are asked to have their vehicle manual handy as well as the car seat manual. Part of the installation includes the proper fitting for the child in the car seat. While it is not required, it is strongly encouraged that your child(ren) accompany you to the inspection.

To register, click here and select a 15 minute time slot.

(image above right from flickr by Bradley Gordon)


Post image for Hydrant flushing this coming week (Check taps and the schedule before you wash a load!)

This week is the annual flushing of the hydrants in Southborough.

It will take nearly all week for the DPW to flush all the hydrants in town, and when they’re doing the ones in your neck of the woods, you may notice your tap water running brown.

While DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan has told us the brown water is perfectly safe to drink, I think it’s also safe to say most of us would rather not try it!

It’s okay to run cold water while flushing is taking place near you, but you should avoid running hot water because doing so might pull sediment into your hot water tank. You should also avoid doing laundry because it will stain your clothes.

hydrant flushing

(click to enlarge)

Flushing will take place during this week and usually occurs between 8:00 am – 2:30/3:00 pm.

Here is a loose schedule from the DPW that should help residents plan better. Sections of town are broken up as follows:

Monday – West Side of Town
Tuesday – Southborough Center
Wednesday – Fayville Area
Thursday – South Side
Friday – 495 West, Sears, Fisher, Northboro Road

Here’s some information Galligan provided in past years on why hydrant flushing is important and what to do if your water runs brown[click to keep reading…]


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Here is a reminder of what’s happening around town this weekend.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

  • Earth Day Clean Up (8:00 – 11:30 am): Community volunteers pitch in to clean up the Town. You can sign up that morning at DPW’s location next to the Transfer Station. (Rain Date Sunday, April 22.) For details, see dedicated post.
  • Big Joe the Storyteller (Saturdays at Fay) (10:00 – 11:00 am) @ Fay School’s Primary School, 23 Middle Road: Join Big Joe the Storyteller for a show filled with tales from around the world that are all about spring. Meet a boy who plants flowers, a boisterous bear, a tricky turtle, a silly sheep, and a buzzing bee. The stories will be warm and wonderful like the season itself and sure to make you smile! Registration is open, but space may be limited, so please pre-register. For details, click here.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

  • Running of the Goats (9:00 – 11:00 am) @ Chestnut Hill Farm, Chestnut Hill Road: Runners of all abilities can race a 5k or a 4.5 miler against the clock at 9:00 am. At 10:00 am the featured race has kids and adults running 0.24 miles with the goats. Snacks and games will be on hand. Preregistration is required. For details, see dedicated post.


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Above: Bids for constructing the public safety complex came in. As hoped, the bids were lower than this winter’s estimates. (images from PSBC materials)

As I previewed earlier this month, construction bids for the new Public Safety Building came in lower than the Town’s most recent estimates. That puts the Town on track for delivering on intentions shared with voters last year.

In March 2017, Town Meeting voters approved spending more than $22.6 million to construct a Public Safety Building facility. At the time, the Public Safety Study Committee explained that some of that money was a $2M contingency beyond their estimates for the project. Meanwhile, Town officials said they would try to complete the project below estimated costs, though they couldn’t promise that was possible.

As of this month, it looks like they could meet the goal.

Southborough Wicked Local covered this Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen vote on the official construction bids:

The bid for the construction of the town’s new public safety complex to be built on part of the town-owned golf course on Rte. 85 came in about $2.2 million less than expected.

CTA Construction Inc. of Waltham offered a bid of $14.7 million, while the project manager had estimated $17 million.

According to the article, selectmen opted not to take up bid alternate #3 for constructing cruiser canopies. Instead they will continue to pursue options for canopies funded through a solar car port project. (Read the full article here.)

I got confirmation that the board did opt to follow through on bid alternates #1 and 2. Those options totaling an additional $363K will be outside of the PSB budget. The add-ons were to support keeping the golf course open. The work will fall under Articles that were approved by voters at this year’s Town Meeting.

Earlier this month, voters supporting the golf course approved up to $250K in borrowing (for work under bid alternate #2 – $214K), plus up to $646K in CPA appropriations for the Golf Course (which includes the work under bid alternate #1 – $149K).

To see the Town’s summary of bids received, click here.


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Above: An amended Article 32 spurred debate and some confusion at Town Meeting, then failed by two votes. It appears that the Town will be bringing back some version of the Article at a Special Town Meeting compelled by two voter driven initiatives. (cropped from SAM video)

Based on two filed Citizen Petitions, a Special Town Meeting has been called for next month. For any other residents looking to get items on the Warrant the time to act is now.*

This will be the third consecutive year that Southborough has held an STM. As of this morning, three Articles are potentially on the May Warrant. All three relate to process and rules around the Zoning Board of Appeals. And all three have roots in the controversy surrounding the ZBA’s handling of Park Central decisions.

According to Town Administrator Mark Purple, the Warrant will include two citizen’s petition Articles. The Board of Selectmen have also agreed to bring back Article 32 from the Annual Town Meeting earlier this month. That Article around an appeal process related to the ZBA was the subject of some confusion at the Annual Town Meeting. It failed by two votes on the sparsely attended second night.

According to Purple, other articles may still be submitted for consideration by the Board for inclusion in the warrant. I don’t have an official date for their closing of the Warrant. But the board will be meeting on Tuesday morning to consider language. So I’d act fast if you have something to request.

Purple indicates selectmen have voiced opposition to adding Articles that have a financial impact. (Though, they didn’t officially vote on that.) That makes it unlikely that the Town will sponsor reconsideration of failed Recreation Articles from Town Meeting. (Of course, residents have the right to add additional Articles to the currently open Warrant as long as they have enough petition signatures.)*

Selectmen voted to hold the Special Town Meeting on May 22nd at 7:00 pm.

The two Citizen Petition Articles that compelled the meeting stem from disagreement around what the Zoning Board of Appeals quorum is and should be, and how rule changes were handled. A dispute over the quorum initially came out of appeals around the ZBA’s actions on Park Central.

A controversial decision by the ZBA was made by just three members of the board. At the time, the Town Code appeared to specify that the board had a quorum of five members, four under special circumstances. Town officials have asserted that the ZBA rules were inaccurately listed in the Town Code, since the code specified that the board was able to vote to change the rules and had.

To me, it’s unclear how the specific rule revisions made in 2007 and/or more recently had any direct impact on the quorum. But affadavits by Town Officials claim that the rules should have been replaced which would have removed the language around quorum. According to ZBA Chair Andrew Dennington, the ZBA was acting under a set of officially filed rules which superseded the language shown in the Town code.

This spring, the Town Code was updated based on filed rule changes and the quorum language removed. Residents have been seeking to have the Town reaffirm the quorum is and should be as originally stated.

One petition, advocated on the blog by Marnie Hoolahan, seeks to make quorum and some other language around ZBA rules a permanent part of the Town Code. It is the second attempt made to schedule a meeting on this issue after the Town determined that the language of the first Article didn’t compel a meeting. (Click here to see the final version.)

An additional petition filed is seeking to require the ZBA to get voter approval in order to make changes to their rules and regulations. (Click here to view that one.)

As for “Article 32”, that relates to the process for appealing the Planning Board’s Site Plan decisions. As currently written, the Town Code allows anyone unhappy with a Planning Board decision related to Site Plan Review to appeal it to the ZBA.  [click to keep reading…]

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Baseball Opening Day – April 29

by beth on April 20, 2018

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Above: The Green Monster will be one of the special guests at Southborough Little League’s annual Opening Day festivities (image cropped from Facebook)

Southborough Little League’s annual Opening Day festivities take place a week from Sunday at Mooney Field behind Finn School. And you don’t have to be in baseball to join in the fun. The whole community is invited.

The day begins for Little Leaguers at 10:30 am. Spectators are welcome for the annual parade and Opening Day Ceremony at 11:00 am. 

Baseball games will run all day long at the complex. But that’s not all that’s on offer:

Opening Day for Southborough Little League! Join us for our annual parade along with games, radar gun, long toss, burgers and dogs and of course a guest appearance by Wally the Green Monster!

This year’s special guests also include Southborough’s 2017 Senior League State Championship Team.

The Snack Shack and Grill will open at 11:30 am. (Want a glimpse of past years’ fun? Check out Chris Wright’s pics from 2012.)

The Little League is still looking for volunteers to take shifts helping out that day. Player’s parents can click here to signup.


Fraud Squad acting out scams at Senior Center – April 25th

April 20, 2018 07:28:30 AM

Next week, the Southborough Senior Center is hosting a special “performance”. The Fraud Squad Players will be educating seniors on scams.

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Tea and poetry at the Library – Wednesday

April 19, 2018 04:41:15 PM
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April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, the Southborough Library is again partnering with local Daughters of the British Empire.

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Mindfulness for preschoolers – Tuesday

April 19, 2018 03:37:56 PM
Thumbnail image for Mindfulness for preschoolers – Tuesday

Next week, the Southborough Library is holding a Mindfulness for Preschoolers event.

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On the market this week in Southborough (Updated)

April 19, 2018 02:31:52 PM
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What went on and off the market this week.

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Southborough’s KofC Free Throw: 2 time state champ and other winners

April 19, 2018 11:30:00 AM
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Two Southborough residents made it to the state level of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw competition. One scored first place for his category.

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Police announce suspect being charged in theft from Southborough business

April 19, 2018 09:00:21 AM
Thumbnail image for Police announce suspect being charged in theft from Southborough business

The Southborough Police Department announced that a suspect is being charged for a Felony Larceny that took place in February.

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Why flags are at half staff: April 17 – 21, 2018

April 19, 2018 07:00:44 AM
Thumbnail image for Why flags are at half staff: April 17 – 21, 2018

Flags in Southborough and across the state are flying at half staff in honor of

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Reminder – Art on the Trails art proposals deadline is Sunday

April 18, 2018 04:30:00 PM
Thumbnail image for Reminder – Art on the Trails art proposals deadline is Sunday

With the deadline for art submissions coming up this weekend, I’m re-posting information on this year’s Art on the Trails.

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