Fire department logs for the week

by susan on May 16, 2012

Tuesday 5/8/12
10:08 Unintentional alarm system activation, Cordaville Road

Wednesday 5/9/12
00:21 Gasoline or other flammable spill, Turnpike Road
06:55 EMS call, Cherry Street
10:04 EMS call, Newton Street
17:02 EMS call, Newton Street
21:42 EMS call, Ramblewood Drive, Ashland
22:40 Carbon monoxide detector activation, no carbon monoxide, Pine Hill Road

Thursday 5/10/12
04:43 Unintentional alarm system activation, Cordaville Road
11:13 EMS call, Southville Road

Friday 5/11/12
01:06 EMS call, Carriage Hill Circle
10:44 EMS call, Boston Post Road, Marlborough
17:31 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road

Saturday 5/12/12
No calls reported

Sunday 5/13/12
14:13 Service call, Turnpike Road
17:08 EMS call, Lincoln Street, Hopkinton

Monday 5/14/12
01:26 EMS call, Main Street
01:55 EMS call, Main Street
05:35 Vehicle accident with injuries, Woodland Road
10:06 EMS call, Newton Street
15:23 Unintentional alarm system activation, Deerfoot Road
17:06 Vehicle accident with injuries, Main Street
18:45 Vehicle accident with injuries, 495 North
21:32 EMS call, Leonard Drive

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