Corridor Nine mini grants include two Southborough Schools

by beth on December 17, 2015

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Above: Recipients of educator mini-grants from Corridor Nine (contributed)

Corridor Nine recently gave out 25 mini-grants to educators. Two went to teachers at Southborough schools.

I reached out to them for more details. Here’s what they shared.

Finn School – Pre-K wagons

Preschool teacher Elizabeth Tinglof explains:

I wrote a grant to purchase three wagons to be shared across the preschool classrooms. Each of the wagons have two seats so that social relationships can be fostered, as well as seat-belts to make sure that safety is maintained throughout the ride.

Having a wagon gives them the ability to participate in activities outside of the classroom and take any mobility challenges out of the equation and focus on the curriculum objective, be it a number walk across the school or a nature walk around the playground.

Having a two-seater wagon gives them the opportunity to bring a friend and build the social relationships that come with sharing a perspective.

Woodward School – Keeping the Green Team Clean

School Nurse Mary Ellen Duggan started an after school club for students this year – the Green Team.

The Green Team consists of two staff members and a group of second and third graders dedicated to projects that benefit the environment. Our activities focus on reducing waste, improving recycling, promoting sustainability and helping the whole Woodward community become more responsible consumers.

The business community’s grant funds will help keep them clean during dirty, smelly recycling work. As they pitched in their application:

We have been recycling milk cartons since the first day of school this year. It has been very successful so far and has resulted in about a 20% decrease in our cafeteria trash output. But, boy oh boy, does that recycling bin smell. Even though each student empties their milk carton, the smell of stale milk permeates the air surrounding the recycling bin; we are helping the environment but creating a stink. We need your help to keep us clean while we clean the milk cartons. In order to stay clean while we rinse the milk cartons, we need child-size vinyl gloves, rubber gloves and aprons.

Back Row: Karen Chapman, Corridor Nine; Karla Christiansen, Berkshire Bank; Tracy Bartucca, Marlborough Savings Bank; Lisa Raabe, Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union; Rhiannon Hernandez, Avidia Bank; Danielle Gaudette, Avidia Bank; Laura Moody, Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union; State Rep. Hannah Kane; John Stone, TCG Network Services; Gerry Gross, Cumulus Global; Brent Arnold, Central One Federal Credit Union; David Sabourine, Berkshire Bank; Donna Cox, Cox Tutoring; Leo Casey, B2B CFO Barbara Jorda, STEM Beginnings; Deborah Penta, PENTA Communications Inc., Bette O’Reilly, Commerce Bank.   Front Row: Cheryl Pedjoe, Webster Five Cents Saving Bank; Karen Dumas, Berkshire Bank; Jody-Lynn Simonian, AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care of Natick & Marlborough; Suzana Trebicka, Berkshire Bank; Leslye Warner, Aalanco Service Corporation; Lynn Stromberg, Lettuce Be Local; Jasmine Ortiz, Keller Williams RealtyTo take a look at the Corridor Nine grant sponsors from local business, click the thumbnail to enlarge.

For more details, including the list with 23 other area school grants, click here.

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