SWL: Southborough man held for slashing woman’s face

by beth on October 3, 2018

Local media reports that Southborough Police arrested a Southborough man for slashing a knife across the face of a female resident. According to the article, the suspect is being charged with mayhem and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon – a pocket knife. At an arraignment yesterday, he was ordered held without bail until a hearing can be held on Friday to determine if he is a danger to the public.

According to the story, the two people were the two residents are friends that were in a car together when the disturbing incident allegdly occurred. Here are some excerpts from the Southborough Wicked Local article:

Police said a Southborough man slashed a woman across the face with a knife on Monday for no apparent reason.

Police arrested [the accused], 23, at 12:12 p.m. as he walked along School Street, according to a Sothborough police report filed Tuesday in Westborough District Court. . .

The woman said [the accused] was a friend and had come to her home. She said she thought he was looking for her father, so she offered to give him a ride to her father’s business. As they drove, she said he was “acting strange.” After they discovered her father wasn’t at the business, she was driving him back to her home so he could get his car when he suddenly attacked her.

“[The accused] yelled out (her name) and it was at this time that [the accused] took his left hand and slashed at (the woman’s) face with a knife,” police wrote in the report.

The woman slammed on the brakes and [the accused] got out of the car. The woman went to a local hospital for treatment of the gash on her face, police wrote in the report. . .

When police asked [the accused] why he attacked the woman, he said, “because she was acting skeptical,” police wrote in the report. [The accused] refused to speak anymore about the incident.

You can find the full story here.

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