Help out at Friends of Library Book and Bake Sale at Heritage Day

by beth on October 4, 2018

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Above: Thanks to the flood, expect more books outside than usual at this year’s Friends of the Library Heritage Day fundraiser. But it means we’ll need more community help. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

The Friends of the Southborough Library is holding its biggest annual fundraiser, the Heritage Day Book and Bake Sale on Monday, October 8th. 

Because of the flood repair in progress, our storage for preparation and the sale is limited. That means this will be an outdoor event – shine only.

Luckily the forecast is in our favor. For customers, that means more materials will be available outdoors. 

To support that we need*:

  • More hands on deck to help with the physical setup from 8:00 – 9:00 am. So if you can help move boxes and books, please swing by that morning before the festivities begin. (We’ll also need help with the closing up at 3:00, but hopefully there will be far fewer books to pack up!)
  • Library Heritage Day Bake Sale (photo by Beth Melo)Bake Sale donations dropped off that morning. 8:15 – 9:00 am is ideal – but we’ll keep taking them later, too! (Please don’t drop off on Saturday.) If you can, please pre-wrap or bag items (individually or in small numbers) since we won’t have the kitchen available for setup.

As usual, we’ll also need volunteers for shifts throughout the sale. If you can help, please email

Of course, we’ll also need customers!

The sale opens at 9:00 am (when booths on the fields are still setting up.) So, while you wait for the action to start, swing by and grab something breakfasty to eat at at our Bake Sale.

You can also shop for bargain books. If you have a Friends of the Library tote bag from a past sale, be sure to bring it with you for the stuff-a-bag sales. (Or you can buy one there.)

And if you have kids, bring them by for one free book each. (No strings attached.)

We are seeking more active members. So, we’ll be promoting ourselves at the event. If you want to learn about how you can help, stop by the sale or our booth on the field.

For more stories on this year’s Heritage Day activities, click here.

*[Editor’s Note: For readers not already aware – I am President of the Friends of the Southborough Library. You’ll be hearing more from me about the Friends soon – because the Library needs Friends and the Friends needs more active members!]

Updated (10/4/18 9:00 am): I fixed the HD links to be for this year’s event. Plus, I changed the inference that all booths on the field will all still be closed at 9:00. The schedule this year has booths opening at 9:00 am. But with exhibitors used to opening at 10:00 am from past years – and many people involved in the parade – I’m guessing a lot of vendors will still be setting up from 9-10.

Updated (10/4/18 1:47 pm): My correction above was incorrect. Booths are actually scheduled to open at 9:30 am this year.

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