Photo Gallery: Heritage Day 2018

by beth on October 9, 2018

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Above: As usual, Southborough Scouts made up a big contingent of the Heritage Day parade. (photo by Joao Melo, image cropped from Southborough Rec graphic)

Yesterday marked Southborough’s 45th annual Heritage Day.

The morning was grey, cool, and included a passing mist/drizzle. But that didn’t keep a whole lot of people from showing up to cheer on residents and groups marching in the parade. Following the parade, there were the usual festivities on the St. Mark’s field and immediate vicinity.

I spent the day supporting The Friends of the Southborough Library’s Book and Bake Sale. That means, I never got a chance to take pictures. Fortunately, my husband and daughter did. Plus, a slew of pics were posted publicly to social media.

I’ve gathered up highlights to share. Plus, if you scroll down, you can find links to sources for more great photos.

(Click on thumbnails below for enlarged images with photo credits. For best results, wait until the page stops loading before clicking the first image.)

Police lead parade by Cassie Melo fire trucks in parade by Cassie Melo Heritage Day veterans by Joao Melo Girl Scouts in HD parade by Joao Melo

daisy troop by Joao Melo masses of girl scouts by Joao Melo candy gone wild by Joao Melo Native Plant Gardens promoting pollinators from Facebook

Native Plant Gardens of Southborough marchers from Facebook youth soccer in HD tiger scouts by Joao Melo Cub scouts on parade by Joao Melo

so many scouts by Joao Melo ARHS in parade by Cassie Melo ARHS marching band by Cassie Melo trottier by Joao Melo

Dykema and Eldgridge march with supporters photo from Facebook Politician Geoff Diehl shaking hands and greeting babies from Facebook FOSL HD sale cropped by Joao Melo Post-parade crowd on the field from Southborough Rotary Club Facebook post

SCAC fundraising cropped from Facebook Southborough Historical Society raising funds from Dykema on Facebook Lunchtime on the field by Southborough Rotary Club on Facebook Making Flower Crowns at Gulbankian booth posted to Facebook by Gulbankian Farms Garden Center and Florist Shop

Boy Scouts rope bridge photo by Julie Connelly Boy Scouts help kids have an active adventures photo by Julie Connelly 2 Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge photo by Julie Connelly Posing with a princess by SkyRise Theater on Facebook

Face painting by SkyRise Theater on Facebook SPD with pink patches at Heritage Day from Facebook SFD open house cropped from Southborough Fire Department on Facebook

You can find more pics by my family on the Facebook page.

Also on Facebook, some community groups and businesses shared their promotional efforts and participation. Click links for more pics by Southborough Rotary Club, the Native Plant Gardens of Southborough group, and SkyRise Children’s Theater.

One benefit of politicians using the day to campaign is that they tend to post lots of pics with constituents/potential supporters. Click the following links for more pics posted by staff/campaigns for Carolyn Dykema, Jamie Eldridge, Geoff Diehl, and Margaret Busse.

There were tweets from the parade and field, including ones by Southborough News, and Algonquin’s Athletic Council.

You can always count on local media to document the day. Check out pics by Southborough Wicked Local and the Community Advocate photojournalissts on their websites.

For more pics from Sunday’s activities, stay tuned.

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