In emergency – call Police/Fire direct instead of 911 (temporarily) – Updated

by beth on December 28, 2018

My phone just screeched at me. I’m guessing many readers got the same alert. But not all of you are on smartphones or signed up for MEMA alerts. 

It seems that Mass Emergency Management is retracting an earlier announcement about a problem that was supposedly fixed. There are continuing “sporadic” outages on 911 lines. So they are recommending that you call local numbers in an emergency.

In Southborough, those numbers are:

Police – 508-485-2121

Fire – 508-485-3232

Updated (12/28/18 12:36 pm): The Fire Department shared that the business line I posted shouldn’t be used. They have an emergency line that predates 911. That is now posted above (ending in 2 not 5).

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