Apply for a $4,000 scholarship to a state school through the Southborough Rotary Club

by beth on April 3, 2019

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The Southborough Rotary Club has is promoting its scholarship for high school students from Southborough. 

Act quickly! Applications are due in 1½ weeks – Friday, April 12th.

The winning student will receive $1,000 per year to help attend a 4-year Massachusetts state college or university. Applicants will be judged on academic achievements and public service.

Forms are available at the Algonquin Regional High School’s guidance office. But you can also get one by emailing

(For other scholarship opportunities promoted to Southborough residents, click here.)

Here is the Rotary’s full announcement: 

$4,000 College Scholarship

At a recent meeting of the Southborough Rotary Club, David Vachris, President, announced availability of a second $4,000 Annie Saterfield Memorial scholarship for 2019. This scholarship will be granted to a Southborough High School student in the amount of $1,000 annual increments over four years. The scholarship will be awarded to a student attending a State of Massachusetts 4 Year College or University based on academic achievement and commitment to public service.

This scholarship is made possible by the Rotary Annie Saterfield Memorial Trust Fund and by generous donations of the town’s residents. “We are very grateful for these generous donations which has enabled The Rotary Club to award over a quarter of a million dollars to aspiring students over the past 40 years.” Mr. Vachris, said.

Southborough Rotary International is comprised of men and women providing service to those in need within the community and throughout the world. We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Interested applicants can request an application form by contacting either the Algonquin High School Guidance Office or contacting Rotary member Carl Guyer directly at

Deadline for submitting the application is April 12, 2019.

1 straight As April 4, 2019 at 1:08 PM

While it seems nice that the Rotary Club would pony up to a maximum of $4K over 4 years to help defray the cost of a college education, is that organization aware of just how much those 4 years of college now cost?

This isn’t 1970 looking at $1200 – $3600 annual college bills! $1K per year would provide a meaningful impact on those amounts.

How about considering current college costs of $35K – $50K+ each year!

So, $4K of a $140K expense is… 0.025 and $4K of a $200K expense is… 0.020

To recap, between twenty (or less) and twenty-five thousandths of a student’s college bills would be covered, assuming they received the entire scholarship.

Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening!!!

2 beth April 4, 2019 at 2:33 PM

Note that some state schools are less expensive than you are quoting above. I understand where you are coming from, but when looking at the cost of college, every little bit may help for some and it’s $4,000 less that they’ll have to pay loan interest on.

3 Carl Guyer April 5, 2019 at 8:19 AM

For a local student determined to attend college and does not have significant financial support, an available alternative is Framingham University. The Tuition and Fees expense are $10,366 per year. So a local student who is willing to live at home and commute to Framingham U., receiving $1,000 per year is a great help.

I did this, I lived at home in Tewksbury and commuted to what is now U. Lowell along with many other kids in the area. I did not have lots of money, but was determined to graduate. Graduated with honors majoring in Mechanical Engineering and have been thankful for the opportunity ever since. My brother did the same thing, he went on to get a Phd from MIT. (i’m the good looking one !)

As a member of the Rotary club, I wish we had more money, so any suggestions on how to increase this scholarship effort would be appreciated.

4 Christine Narcisse April 29, 2019 at 11:39 AM

Dear Straight A’s: As the current president of Southborough Rotary Club I can only tell you how many man hours go into raising that $4,000. Past recipients of this scholarship have told us that the $1,000 per year has gone toward expenses such as books, supplies and even a new laptop. As a mother of a current college student who attends a public university, I would welcome someone giving me $1000 a year as I scrimp and save to pay her tuition. We are always looking for members to help us raise funds for worthy causes….Can we count you in?

5 Publius May 1, 2019 at 4:36 PM

$1,000 per year is a very generous scholarship. Some of the ones given out at high school are only a few hundred. And over 4 years this is significant financial assistance. The original poster appears not to know the value of a dollar. And $1,000 net is the equivalent of $1,500 or more to those of us working and trying to pay the bills.

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