Wicked Local: BOS Revokes Right Way Auto Sales license

by beth on April 25, 2019

On Tuesday night, the Board of Selectmen unanimously revoked the license for Right Way Auto Sales to sell autos at their Route 9 shop in Southborough. Not that they would have been selling them anyway.

According to local media, the shop is closed, the cars are gone, and the license is the least of the owner’s problems right now. As previously reported, the owner was charged in court with taking payments from customers then not providing vehicles and/or titles. 

The hearing only took 5 minutes. That’s not surprising since neither the owner nor a representative appeared. The police chief and Town Counsel told selectmen that the accused hasn’t responded to repeated outreach attempts.

According to Chief Kenneth Paulhus, another complaint came in at the end of last week, bringing the number to 11. None of the allegedly defrauded customers were town residents.

Here are some more highlights Wicked Local’s coverage of the hearing:

“The total approximate value to the victims being defrauded is now up in the area of $118,710,” Paulhus said. . . 

Based on the seven court cases, the amounts customers paid range from $4,000 to $25,941.

The vehicles on the property were repossessed by NextGear Capital.

“We are doing our best to put the victims in touch with this company to maybe pursue the titles of the vehicles or whatever has to be done through the court,” Paulhus said. . .

“There are three cases that have been screened out as being civil in nature, things like they bought a warranty from him and he is no longer in business,” he said.

[The accused] is set to return to court on June 6.

Apparently, the Right Way owner was leasing the property. According to the article, the 355 Turnpike Road location is now being used by the property owner.

You can read the full article here.

1 Richard April 26, 2019 at 9:49 AM

The company’s vancy website is still live. It looks like most of the photos are from stock libraries or taken from other sites, such as car manufacturers or automotive magazines. There’s very little on this site that is of local origin.

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