Main Street Update: Plan for higher than usual traffic today through Saturday

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by beth on June 6, 2019

The Town’s latest update on the Main Street project is that work is continuing on stone walls and for water main replacement and drainage this week and next.

It also warns that the private schools’ graduations on Friday and Saturday will add to congestion already made worse by construction. True, but there’s more than just those two ceremonies to worry about.

You can expect ceremonies at Fay School to draw more parents than usual today as well. The calendar shows a primary school moving up ceremony ending in a half day dismissal. And this evening is the 8th grade banquet.

There are additional ceremonies, services and banquets on Friday including one for Upper School Prize Day. There is also a Commencement Ceremony on Saturday morning.

St. Mark’s School’s Prize Day is this Saturday. Leading up to that, there are also other ceremonies and events that will summon parents (including a potluck dinner tonight).

And, of course, there are other happenings this time of year unrelated to the private schools.

Trottier Middle School is holding another concert tonight. On Friday, Neary School will be drawing in parents coming and going on as volunteers for Field Day then the after school Fifth Grade Farewell, which will also lead to most kids being picked up from school at 4:30 pm that afternoon.

Plus, on Saturday, special events will be drawing people to the Senior Center and the Library.

The bottom line is – If you’re going to be travelling Main Street (or the intersecting area of Route 85), give yourself more travel time than usual over the next few days.

Fortunately, school is almost out for the summer. After June 17th, you can expect traffic to start easing up as families start taking vacation time.

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