Schools: Public and private

My Southborough coverage of:

Public Schools

Superintendent’s Office (website)
Christine Johnson, Superindentent (email)

Southborough public schools are split by grade. Schools are listed by youngest to oldest. 

Mary Finn Elementary School (website)
commonly known as: Finn School
Grades pre-K – 1
60 Richards Road (map)
James Randell, Principal (email)

Albert S. Woodward Elementary School (website)
commonly known as: Woodward School
Grades 2-3
28 Cordaville Road (map)
James Randell, Principal (email)

Margaret Neary Elementary School (website)
commonly known as: Neary School
Grades 4-5
53 Parkerville Road (map)
Linda Murdock, Principal (email)

Trottier Middle School (website)
commonly known as: Trottier School
Grades 6-8
49 Parkerville Road (map)
Keith Lavoie, Principal

Algonquin Regional High School (website)
Grades 9-12
79 Bartlett Street, Northborough (map)
Tom Mead, Principal

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School (website)
Grades 9-12
215 Fitchburg Street, Marlborough (map)
Patrick Collins, Superintendent/Director

(For public schools’ support organizations, click here and scroll down.)

Private schools

Fay School (website)
Grades pre-K – 9
48 Main Street (map)
(508) 485-0100

St. Mark’s School (website)
Grades 9-12
25 Marlboro Road (map)
(508) 786-6000

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