A fun way to help the Belties

Belties at Breakneck Hill Farm. (Photo from southboroughbelties.org)

You’ve heard of swimming with the dolphins, how about running with the cows? You’ll have your chance to do just that at the first annual Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Cross Country Race and Fitness Walk on November 9th. (Okay, you won’t exactly get to run with the cows, but you will run near them.) Proceeds from the run benefit the cow fund.

If running isn’t your thing, maybe cow pies are. Purchase one of 100 squares for $20. If the cow deposits its pie on your square, you’ll win $300.

The cost of hay is on the rise and money raised during this event will help keep the cows comfortable through the winter. For more details, visit the Southborough Belties website, or check out this article from Metrowest Daily News.

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