“You can never forget”

The death of Plainville teen Taylor Meyer who apparently drowned after a drinking party a week ago is drawing comparisons to towns who have faced similar tragedy, including Southborough. Here’s an excerpt from an article in yesterday’s Boston Globe:

… The death of two Southborough sisters three years ago Friday, the day Meyer went missing, in a car accident after an underage party brought about new alliances between teenagers and parents, such as a chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions at the regional high school. Parents agreed to host alcohol-free parties, and sent e-mail alerts to each other about any concerns with their children.

Mark Leahy – chief of police in Northborough, where the sisters’ accident occurred – said the community’s healing needed the partnership of students and parents. And police have responded to any reports of underage drinking with a newfound resilience, he said, because “you can never forget.”

“If you don’t do it there will be another group [of students] who will mourn the loss by delving into drinking and drugs,” he said. “You don’t want to see more kids killed. You don’t want to see more kids get hurt.” …

Read the full article here.

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