What you need to know: Eldridge vs. Levy

James Eldridge (left) and Steven Levy (right). (Photos from the Metrowest Daily News)

It’s the run-up to the election, and we all have decisions to make. Over the next few days, I’ll provide some resources to help you evaluate the choices.

Yesterday we looked at the ballot questions. Today we’ll take a look at the race for Senator in the Middlesex & Worcester District between James Eldridge and Steven Levy. All three Southborough precincts are part of this district.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or make an endorsement. Instead, I’ve collected links where you can get more information on the candidates so you can make up your own mind. Here goes.

Candidate websites:


Recent news coverage:

You might also be interested in checking out campaign contribution reports for Eldridge and Levy provided by followthemoney.org.

Upcoming posts will look at the Representative races in the Middlesex 4th (Gregoire vs. Vigeant) and the Middlesex 8th (Dykema vs. Haley).

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