What you need to know: Gregoire vs. Vigeant

This week we’re talking election prep. We’ve covered the ballot questions and the Eldridge vs. Levy senatorial race. Today it’s Danielle Gregoire vs. Arthur Vigeant in the 4th Middlesex.

Southborough precinct 1 is part of the 4th Middlesex Representative district. Gregoire and Vigeant, both residents of Marlborough, are vying to fill the seat vacated by Stephen LeDuc. Joseph Valianti is also listed on the ballot as an Independent, but he dropped out of the race in July.

If you’re in precinct 1, check out these resources. Not sure what precinct you’re in? Go to http://www.wheredoivotema.com/.

Candidate websites:


Recent news coverage:

You might also be interested in checking out campaign contribution reports for Gregoire and Vigeant provided by followthemoney.org.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the Middlesex 8th (Dykema vs. Haley).

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