How much Southborough would get under the Algonquin reimbursement proposal

The debate over how to distribute state reimbursements from the Algonquin renovation project has been percolating for more than a year. At last week’s regional school committee meeting, Superintendent Charles Gobron revealed how much of the kitty each town would get under the latest proposal.

Southborough has argued distribution should be based on Algonquin enrollment for each town which was the original agreement. Northborough thinks socioeconomic factors should also be considered as outlined in Chapter 70B of the state’s general laws.

At their September meeting, the regional school committee proposed a plan to determine the assessment figures based on the 70B rules and the regional agreement, and “split the difference” between the towns. (For your viewing pleasure, a video of the September meeting is now posted on the school committee website.)

Apparently the difference is $1.5 million (which is confusing to me since I thought the total amount in dispute was $1.5 million). That means each town will get $727,546 paid out over 18 years at $40,419 a year.

The towns still need to approve the plan. Read more in this article from the Metrowest Daily News.

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