Property tax assistance for seniors and others

If you’re a Southborough resident over the age of 65, you might qualify for property tax assistance through the state. A booklet put together by the Southborough Council on Aging and the Southborough Board of Assessors explains the available tax relief programs.

Through the various programs, residents can save anywhere from $200 to $1000 on their annual property tax bill. Assistance is also available to the blind of any age, as well as disabled veterans or their surviving spouse.

In addition to tax exemption programs, there is also a tax deferral program. Or there’s the option to work off up to $750 of your tax bill by taking on jobs with the town. Both the tax deferral program and the work-off program are for seniors only.

Update: At the special town meeting in September 2009, the town voted to increase the senior tax work off amount to $1000.

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