News from the Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen last night heard updates from the Board of Health and the Cable Committee. I’ll talk more about those updates in an upcoming post

In other business, the selectmen took on an array of topics, including the following:

  • Approved a request to move several utility poles near Fay School from the south side of Main St. to the north side. Fay School requested the poles be moved to accomodate the new main driveway to the campus.
  • Approved an agreement with Mass Highway to renovate the sidewalks on the portion of Southville Rd. from Constitution Dr. to the Ashland town line.
  • Approved an application by the Historical Commission to submit the old South Union School (now the Arts Center) to the National Historic Register.
  • Appointed Nancy Vargas to the Municipal Facilities Committee. Vargas is also a member of the Southborough Historical Commission.
  • Considered naming Sgt-in-Charge Jane Moran interim police chief in the wake of Police Chief William Webber’s death earlier this month. The board deferred a vote on the matter until their meeting on 12/2 to allow time to discuss any potential liability with town labor counsel.
  • Decided to draft a letter to town departments asking them to be conservative with their budgets. Selectmen will advise departments to freeze salary spending, watch overtime, and be prepared for cuts. “Times are tough, fasten your seatbelts,” said Selectman Salvatore Giorlandino.
  • Discussed the need to immediately replace smoke detectors in the police station due to repeated failures. A quote is expected this week. Estimated cost is $5,000.
  • The proposed design for the new police station would benefit from a 30-foot easement onto St. Mark’s School property to accommodate a looped driveway along with some green space. The selectmen will draft a letter to St. Mark’s asking them to consider the easement.

For another take on the meeting, check out this article in the Metrowest Daily News.

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