New at the library

New at the library this week, read about first families both real and fictional. Plus a couple of graphic novels for the teen crowd.


michelleMichelle: A Biography, by Liza Mundy
Washington Post writer Liza Mundy paints a revealing and intimate portrait of the most dynamic couple in politics today: Michelle, the highly organized, sometimes intimidating, list-making pragmatist; and Barack, the introspective political charmer who shoots for the stars.
(Amazon | Library catalog)

death-and-honestyDeath and Honesty: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery, by Cynthia Riggs
(Amazon| Library catalog)

the-first-familyThe First Family, by David Baldacci (audiobook)
The First Lady enlists the help of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell after a daring kidnapping turns a children’s birthday party into a national security nightmare. (Amazon| Library catalog)


justice-leagueJustice League of America Vol 1: The Tornado’s Path, by Brad Meltzer (Graphic novel)
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star-warsStar Wars Dark Times Volume 2: Parrallels (Graphic novel)
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yoga-for-teensYoga Exercises for Teens, by Helen Purperhart
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wakeWake, by Lisa McMann
Ever since she was eight years old, high school student Janie Hannagan has been uncontrollably drawn into other people’s dreams, but it is not until she befriends an elderly nursing home patient and becomes involved with an enigmatic fellow-student that she discovers her true power. (Amazon | Library Catalog)


hip-hopHip-Hop Speaks to Children, edited by Nikki Giovanni
(Amazon | Library catalog)

bear-with-sticky-pawsThe Bear With Sticky Paws, by Clara Vulliamy
Lily is having a stubborn day until a rambunctious little white bear comes to play. (Amazon | Library catalog)

11-planets11 Planets : A New View of the Solar System, by David A. Aguilar
Author David Aguilar uses brilliant photo-realistic illustration and fascinating up-to-date facts straight from the latest astronomy news to bring you a comprehensive look at our solar system as you’ve never seen it before. (Amazon | Library catalog)

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