Pilgrim Church to hold services as usual on Sunday

Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 3

Life will get back to normal at Pilgrim Church this weekend, at least for a little while. On Sunday the movie props will be tucked away and worship services will be held as usual.

It will be a brief respite in the flurry of activity that has enveloped the church this past week as crews prepared for the filming of an Adam Sandler movie next week.

“It’s been a very busy week,” Matt Pietro, a member of the church’s Building and Grounds Committee, said. “But they really have their act together, to get everything logistically to put it all together.”

Pietro said the church will receive at least $25K in donations from Columbia Pictures for their use of the church. The money will go toward outreach programs, such as an upcoming trip by the church’s youth group to Washington, D.C. to help the homeless. It will also go toward church upkeep.

“It’s a 200-year-old building, and it needs maintenance,” Pietro said. “It’s great when this sort of money comes in and you can fix things before they break.” The church’s ancient boiler is one of the items that might get an upgrade.

And then there are the beautification benefits like new landscaping and a fresh coat of paint on the front of the church and the church doors. Pietro said perhaps best of all was that the windows got washed.

“I don’t think the windows have been cleaned in 20 years!”

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14 years ago

I couldn’t be happier for Pilgrim Church; the congregation is very deserving of the spring cleaning and fresh plantings not to mention the extra money to help keep a great church going.

Pilgrim does so much for the community and beyond; it’s nice to see some good karma coming their way. Congratulations to Pilgrim Church on their new found fame!

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