If you could ask the stars one question

Here’s a hypothetical to ponder on movie Monday:

Say you’re sitting at Mauro’s enjoying a cup of coffee and Adam Sandler pops in to grab a cup to go, or Salma Hayek, or Chris Rock. (What? It could happen.) You manage to get your wits together in time to ask one question. What question would you ask?

Play along in the comments.

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14 years ago

Can I get a picture with you?

Matthew Brownell
14 years ago

Why, yes . . . this would be my question today for Adam Sandler. . . . ” Hi, Adam! I understand you walked into the very busy Woodward Elementary School gymnasium early this afternoon, and asked that all 3rd graders enjoying recess leave the gym – all so that you and some T-shirt clad friend of yours could play a game of One-on-One.”

“Is THAT included in your production contract, Adam?? You know, monopolizing an entire public elementary school gymnasium . . . while kicking-out 8-year old children from recess for your self-ingratiating leisure??”

14 years ago

Was it really a gift (money) that Columbia Pictures paid to the Woodward School or was it a payment to cover all of the electricity and water that is being consumed by the trailers in the lot? And oh by the way, thanks for messing up my afternoon pick up with my children!

14 years ago

Oh, one more thing… doesn’t this movie have a similar tone to the 1983 film The Big Chill?

Steve Whynot, Commander - VFW3276
14 years ago

My question to any of the “Lead Actors”…. You all enjoy the freedom to make movies and a good living – something I would not begrudge you – because I enjoy those movies. However – Will you remember our men and women serving our Nation and would you participate in a Memorial Day Observance? Wouldn’t it be fantastic – if Adam, Chris, Kevin or any of the actors – stepped into the crowd and expressed their thanks to our Veterans??? That would be a very nice tribute and show of ultimate class if they could do so….. However – I’m sure it would be very tough – because to many people would come out – not to pay tribute – but to get an autograph or a picture.

Sadly – A majority of our community have forgotten what Memorial Day is all about… So… Could I at least ask – Would you please Remember???


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