Filming day 2: More fans turn out to see stars

Filming was in the front of the church today, so onlookers were not allowed up on the common or Town House lawn. There was a much bigger turnout than yesterday, but fans had to content themselves with views from across Main Street.

There were glimpses of the stars to be had as they filmed in front of Pilgrim, but the real payoff for fans came as the stars were leaving the set (presumably) for lunch. Have a look.

Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 9
Fans lined up along Main Street hoping to see stars
Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 9
Adam Sandler slowing down to say hello to cheering fans
Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 9
Fans swarming Adam Sandler's car
Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 9
More swarming

Find more pictures in my Flickr photostream. For the latest coverage on the Adam Sandler movie, click here.

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15 years ago

Great photos!!!!!!!!! I have some close ups of Adam if you would like them, let me know and I will email them to you. I was literally pressed up against his door of the car lol! He was probably like who the what the ahha! Nice to meet you today too by the way!!!

Kelly Roney
15 years ago
15 years ago

i dont see whats sketchy about imdb’s info

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