What did you think of the traffic downtown?

Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 8

When I arrived downtown Monday morning at around 8:30 am, traffic wasn’t horrible. Main Street westbound seemed fine, as did Route 85.

The worst of it was Main Street eastbound, where the line of cars snaked from Route 85 past Fay and down the hill. One of the police officers controlling traffic told me cars had been backed up at least as far as Deerfoot Road earlier in the morning.

Later in the day, one My Southborough commenter reported a tricky pickup at Woodward.

What was your experience? Did you avoid downtown altogether, or did you have no choice but to brave the traffic? And if you did, was it better or worse than you expected?

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14 years ago

well, I can imagine Woodward would be a nightmare but in general I haven’t seen a big difference in traffic. And the traffic east bound on 30? I’ve seen that backed up at that time to Deerfoot without Hollywood in town!

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