Today is Walk to School Wednesday at Finn

The Southborough Recreation Department is sponsoring Walk to School Wednesdays to promote physical activity and practice safe walking to and from school.

Today and next Wednesday, Finn students are encouraged to walk to school with an adult if they live close enough. If not, they can drive to the Arts Center and walk from there.

Recreation Director Doreen Ferguson gave me some background on the event:

Resident Kathy Kea and myself, attended the Safe Routes to School Forum ( As a result we paired up with the school nurse at Finn, Dale Burgess, and Ben Hammer from Safe Routes to start a walk to school program.

Our goal is to jump start the community to make a connection with each other so everyone has an opportunity to walk to school. Because our schools are not neighborhood-based, walking to school is not an option for most, however, if parents can work out schedules with other parents (and determine a good meeting place near school) kids will be able to get some exercise before and after school.

We hope to jump start this at Woodward next year, however, this location may prove to be more of challenge, but we’ll still give a try.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in today’s event, you’ll get another opportunity next Wednesday. You can view the event flier here.

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