Following the ‘Grown Ups’

Adam Sandler pic: First day of filming in Southborough
The only photo I managed to get of David Spade on set in Southborough.

The movie may be gone, but you can still keep tabs on the filming thanks to David Spade. Spade offers occasional Twitter updates like this one from today:

shooting first day at the lake house, everyone warned me how hot and gross Boston would be. Meanwhile, it’s 48 degrees and raining. boo hoo (@davidspade)

The cast is now filming in Essex, where most of the scenes will be shot. Loaded Gun Boston reports they’ll also do some filming at Water Wizz, a family-themed fun park in East Wareham.

Follow David Spade on Twitter to get the latest. Here’s a tweet from his days in Southborough:

Day five. Lots of locals have been coming to set. I am trying to tell them i am more famous than Sandler. No one’s buying it. (@davidspade)

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