Building a house in five hours

Yesterday 65 Southville Road was a mostly-empty lot, but by the end of the day today, it will boast a brand new two-story house.

How is that possible? Ana Salceda Ferris of Ferris Development Group explains it’s all about modular technology:

The house is coming in 4 giant sections, a crane will place each unit on the foundation, which should take the better part of the morning and early afternoon. The house comes almost completely finished, first floor will have 9′ ceilings, second floor jacuzzi, etc. It was built in a controlled factory environment in Pennsylvania, making the interior finishes exquisite.

The foundation has been laid already, so the house will go up in about five hours.

A portion of Southville Road near Woodbury Road (map) will be closed today while the crane is onsite. Ferris said they actually had to delay delivery of the home for about a week because police details were tied up with the movie.

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