FIOS for all by the end of the year

Are you still waiting for FIOS (Fiber-Optic Television) to reach your neighborhood? According to Verizon, the service should be available to all Southborough residents by the end of the year.

Selectman Bill Boland reported at a board meeting last month that he had recently met with representatives from Verizon. They told him all aerial lines have been installed, while the built-out of buried lines is about 50% complete.

Cable Television Chairman Paul Ferguson told me Verizon doesn’t report on deployment by neighborhood, so the town doesn’t know exactly which neighborhoods have FIOS and which don’t. But he said completing the build-out by the end of the year would be within the timeframe specified by the franchise license negotiated with the town.

My neighborhood has had FIOS for nearly two years. What about yours?

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14 years ago

It was great in the beginning, but now it seems it’s no better than Charter Cable.

Richards Road
14 years ago

We’ve had FIOS for about 2-2.5 years now and it has been great.

14 years ago

We have had it for 3 yrs for internet and 9 months for tv. It is great. We always had problems with Charter. No crying here.

Off Pinehill
13 years ago

Well, this turned out to be a lie from Verizon.

Verizon still won’t let us order FIOS for our Southborough home off Pinehill, even though they installed the underground cables last year.

13 years ago

Does FiOS TV offer the community access channel yet? I.e. Algonquin sports, graduation, plays, etc. replays?

13 years ago
Reply to  Chris

It does. Southboro is on Channel #37. We have had FiOS since its inception. HD has been great and the Internet connection is always on. There is even a walk in service center on Rt 9 East in Framingham in front of Jordan’s Furniture to get remotes, extra cables, boxes, etc.

carrie alpert
13 years ago

i think we are one of the few families who miss Charter, ok so the service was a bit terrible, alright horrendous at times. Verizon has been all razzle dazzle and a big letdown in terms of delivering CONSISTENT service–if the phone is not having issues (as in lots of times a friend will call and i cannot hear them and they hear a fax sound and we don’t have a fax), and we had verizon phone service with no issues before going FIOS, then the internet is acting up. The kids seem to be the ones who see the big difference, raving about the on demand music videos (they are FREE mommy!)which makes us very, very happy…….

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