Breaking: Residents warned of suspicious activity

A couple My Southborough readers contacted me to say they received reverse-911 calls from the Southborough Police Department warning them to check for cut window screens and to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles. Not all residents got the call (I didn’t).

I’ll update you when I have more info.

Update 1: In a second reverse-911 call the Southborough Police Department recommended keeping screens and windows locked due to attempted break-ins. If you notice anything suspicious you’re asked to contact the police department at 508-485-2147.

Update 2: While I didn’t get the first call, I did get the second. I stopped by the Police Station this evening looking for more info, but was unable to get any details about what’s going on. So much for my career as an investigative journalist.

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15 years ago

I got 2 calls around 2 hours apart

15 years ago

i got 2 calls around 30 minutes apart

15 years ago

I got 2 calls today…the first at 3:56, the second at 5:24. We’re in the Ted Lane/Carolyn Terrace/Woodland Road area.

15 years ago

Maybe someone from the PD has an explanation for the phone call “issues”

15 years ago

the phone calls are only going to those people with verizon service…although we didn’t get any of the calls either with our verizon service.

15 years ago

We didn’t get any of the calls either and we have verizon as well. Hmmm…maybe they are able to segment the calls by geography, not sure. If not, I hope the reverse 911 call system is functioning correctly.

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