New at the library

Here are some of the latest selections for adults and kids at the Southborough library.


rosebedRoastbeef’s Promise, by David Jerome
“When a dad’s dying wish is to have his ashes sprinkled in each state, what’s a son to do?”–Jacket.(Library catalog | Amazon)

fathers-tearsMy Father’s Tears, by John Updike
Updike’s first collection of new short fiction since the year 2000, “My Father’s Tears” finds the author in a valedictory mood as he mingles narratives of his native Pennsylvania with stories of New England suburbia and of foreign travel. (Library catalog | Amazon)

water-stone-heartWater, Stone, Heart, by Will North
This follow-up to The Long Walk Home is a moving and bittersweet tale of love, loss, and the power of nature to alter lives. (Library catalog | Amazon)

seducing-angelSeducing an Angel, by Mary Balogh (Book on CD)
Cassandra, Lady Paget–banished, destitute, and labeled a murderess–arrives in Regency London and soon becomes the mistress of Stephen, Earl of Merton, a man of means who, despite his looks and easy charm, is no angel. (Library catalog | Amazon)

rosemary-thymeRosemary and Thyme: The Complete Collection (DVD)
Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, two middle-aged women, make a fresh start by opening a gardening business. Mysteries grow around these two gardening sleuths as they dig up trouble on the job and use investigative skills to get to the bottom of things. (Library catalog | Amazon)


charlotte-hayesDog Days of Charlotte Hayes, by Marlane Kennedy
Eleven-year-old Charlotte is not a dog person but does not like that the rest of her family neglects their Saint Bernard puppy, and so with a lot of determination and a little sneakiness, she works on finding a good home for the gentle giant. (Library catalog | Amazon)

tumtum-nutmegTumtum and Nutmeg, by Emily Bearn
Wealthy, married mice Tumtum and Nutmeg find adventure when they secretly try to help two human siblings who live in a tumbledown cottage with their absent-minded inventor father. (Library catalog | Amazon)

any-witch-wallAny Which Wall, by Laurel Snyder
In the middle of an Iowa cornfield, four children find a magic wall that enables them to travel through time and space. (Library catalog | Amazon)

small-surpriseA Small Surprise, by Louise Yates
A little rabbit, too small even to wipe his own nose, is just the right size to do one very special thing. (Library catalog | Amazon)

yum-yumYum Yum! What Fun, by Mara Bergman
A series of animals sneaks into the house, looking for something to eat. (Library catalog | Amazon)

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