Cable access programming: Charter vs. Verizon

A My Southborough reader recently asked whether Verizon and Charter offer the same public access programming. I checked with Cable Television Chairman Paul Ferguson, and the answer is no, at least for now.

There are three local cable channels: Public, Government, and Education. Both Charter and Verizon offer the Public and Government channels. (The Public channel is the one that will air Board of Selectmen meetings starting later this month.)

But only Charter offers programming on the Education channel which is broadcast from Algonquin. Verizon will eventually match Charter’s offerings, but they need to do some work first, Ferguson said:

Verizon is in the process of bringing a circuit from Algonquin to Fayville where the cable office is located.  This will enable us to put the same content on the Verizon education channel as we have on the Charter education channel.  At that point, the content for the local channels will be the same on both carriers.  We are almost there but we have run into some technical difficulties but I am hopeful we will be able to have everything resolved within a few weeks.

You can find out more about Southborough’s cable access offerings on the Southborough Cable Access TV website.

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14 years ago

hey Susan, many thanks for the follow-up, appreciated.

14 years ago

Promises, promises…….we’ve been hearing these rumors since Verizon came to town. I hope I live to see the follow-through.

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