Southborough a best place to live according to CNN Money

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Best Places to Live lists abound. Southborough didn’t make the cut in a recent Boston Magazine list, but CNN Money apparently considers our town more worthy.

In a recent ranking of American small towns, Southborough comes in 31st overall, and second in the sub-category of Six-Figure Towns (towns with high average incomes).

Here’s what CNN Money had to say about Southborough:

You won’t find a Wal-mart in Southborough, a town that prides itself on keeping its distance from crass commercialism.

The downtown is dotted with independent markets and is surrounded by open land. With its reservoir and multitude of lakes, Southborough has attracted working professionals from Boston seeking a bucolic commuter town.

The housing stock here is varied, from affordable homes to those on more than an acre of land.

What do you think? Are they on the money?

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14 years ago

It is a great place, even if Mimi22 doesn’t agree with me :)

Seriously, what makes Southborough a great place is the people.

However, these polls are rather silly. I wonder how CNN created the board to select this listing?

Maybe this publicity will help get the housing market revitalized.

Papa Rosa
14 years ago

Is CNNmoney correct about Southborough? Well, they’re close enough for journalism. Remember, a dozen overworked staffers sat in 3-hour meetings to devise this list that some editor thought would be a great idea. 95% of the time, 95% of the people in the room had never heard of a given town. So you do a Wikipedia, you look at a few databases … sure, Southborough, MA. Why not? Yawn.

Is it a great place to live? You bet!

Anthony Bogardus
14 years ago

LOL….Papa – LOVE the dose of reality! I grew up in Southboro (before the – ugh), and I loved it. I have close friends that still live there, and THEY love it. I like the fact that there’s no WalMart, even though I shop there ALL the time for the convenience, and the whole bucolic thing is great, and I hope it stays that way. All that being said, Papa is exactly right about the selection process, so don’t put TOO much stock in a list like this….Just enjoy your town.

14 years ago

I am a little tired of driving out of town for almost anything. I would like to see some upscale commerce in a central location. Maybe we could have 20 or thirty acres of stuff we need and an identity. this could reflect our town.

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