Lower level of the library likely closed for several more weeks

Drying out the children's room

The Southborough Library is still cleaning up from the epic storm two weeks ago, and the lower level will likely be closed “well into August” said Facilities Manager Phil Rinehart. While the clean up happens, Rinehart said he planned to meet with library and town officials to figure out how to prevent similar flooding in the future.

Rinehart said the area near the Route 85 entrance to the library slopes toward the building, funneling water toward the entrance. The door at the main entrance held relatively tight against the water. Rather, it was the emergency exit door on the northeast side of the building that let in most of the water.

Water also seeped into the meeting room spaces. Rinehart said that was most likely groundwater.

“It needs to be dug up,” Rinehart said of the area by the Route 85 entrance, “So the slope can be reversed and an additional catch basin added.” He also recommends adding another sump pump to the meeting spaces (there’s already one there).

But Rinehart acknowledged that even if those improvements were made, it still wouldn’t be enough to handle a storm like the one we got earlier this month. “Water pooled in the front lawn and alongside the building because the system was so overloaded.”

No word yet on what redesigning the entrance would cost the town. There’s also no word on what the price tag for the clean up will be, but Rinehart said all of that — less the town’s $1,000 deductible — should be covered by insurance.

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