What the fire department has been up to

Tuesday 7/21/09
10:22 EMS call, Mass Pike West
11:45 EMS call, Winchester Street
15:08 EMS call, Clifford Street
21:07 Arcing/shorted electrical equipment, Latisquama Road
21:17 Building fire, Village Path

Wednesday 7/22/09
04:06 EMS call, Cordaville Road
05:32 Fuel burner/boiler fire (confined), Atwood Street
10:41 Unintentional smoke detector activation (no fire), Boston Road
12:17 Hazardous material investigation (no hazard), Turnpike Road and Coslin Drive
12:26 EMS call, Newton Street
14:01 Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident, Pine Hill Road
20:12 Building fire, Southville Road

Thursday 7/23/09
02:44 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Boston Road
04:57 EMS call, Coslin Drive
17:14 EMS call, Newton Street
20:44 Unintentional smoke detector activation (no fire), Village Path

Friday 7/24/09
11:55 EMS call, Main Street, Framingham
12:58 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road and Woodland Road
15:49 EMS call, Cordaville Road
18:29 EMS call, Blendon Woods Drive
20:33 Building fire, Chestnut Street, Ashland (more)

Saturday 7/25/09
07:18 Good intent call, Marlborough Road
11:30 EMS call, Boston Road

Sunday 7/26/09
18:30 EMS call, Main Street

Monday 7/27/09
14:15 EMS call, Overlook Drive
15:00 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Turnpike Road
18:20 Service call, Learned Street
20:53 EMS call, Cordaville Road

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14 years ago

Hmmm….building fire on Village Path. Oh wait, that’s a new dormitory at FAY SCHOOL. Thank the Lord tht the alarms worked and the Fire Department was right on top of things. Can you imagine if they needed a ladder truck right away???

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