Firefighters recognized for their years of service

Firefighters applaud their own during the presentation of service awards.
Firefighters applaud their own during the presentation of service awards.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday night, Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. handed out service award pins to members of his crew in recognition of their time with the department. He also got to keep one for himself for his 35 years of service.

Those with 20 or more years of service are also listed in the Massachusetts Fire Service Commission’s statewide database.

“I thank those who have worked hard to be there for the town when they were needed,” Mauro said.

50-Year Award

  • Call Lieutenant John Mauro

40-Year Award

  • Call Lieutenant James Colleary

35-Year Award

  • Call Lieutenant/EMT George A Hubley, Jr.
  • Chief/EMT John Mauro, Jr.

30-Year Award

  • Captain/EMT-Intermediate Joseph Hubley

25-Year Award

  • Captain/EMT Joseph Mauro

15-Year Award

  • EMT Cynthia Bechtel
  • Admin Assist./EMT Susan Chorey
  • Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate Kenneth W Franks, III

10-Year Award

  • Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate Robert Kane
  • Lieutenant/EMT-Intermediate James Peltier

5-Year Award

  • Lieutenant/EMT-Paramedic Christian Dano
  • Chaplain Fr. Craig Lister
  • Firefighter/EMT–Paramedic Paul Pierce
  • Firefighter/EMT–Paramedic Matthew Rice
  • Firefighter/EMT–Intermediate Jason Roach
  • Firefighter/EMT– Paramedic Christopher Shanahan
  • Firefighter/EMT–Paramedic Kenneth Strong
  • Call Firefighter John Tommaney
  • Firefighter/EMT–Paramedic David Wills

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14 years ago

Nice job folks…..I’m darned proud of you!

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