Senior Center spends some movie cash

Ready for summer at the Senior Center
Lawn chairs in front of the Senior Center

Thanks to Adam Sandler and his crew, the Senior Center will be getting some folding tables, a new photocopier, and maybe a nice lunch.

Senior Center coordinator Pam Lefrancois asked selectmen last week for approval to spend up to $4,500 of the $7,000 they got from Columbia Pictures last May. The funds will go toward lightweight folding tables to use at events like their barbeques, and a new photocopier to replace their current 5-year-old model.

Lefrancois also wants to use some of the movie money to hold a luncheon or similar event to compensate seniors for having been displaced during the filming this spring. The Senior Center was closed for a couple of weeks while movie trucks occupied their back parking lot.

In other Senior Center news, the Council on Aging received a $5,500 grant from Baypath Elder Services to fund a volunteer coordinator. The coordinator will work with Algonquin groups like the National Honor Society and the music association to put on programming for seniors.

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14 years ago

They were back filming at the church today.

14 years ago

Good for the seniors! They deserve it.

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