My Southborough turns 1!


A year ago today I clicked Publish on the very first My Southborough blog post. Since then I’ve published nearly 1,200 posts on this blog. My goodness, do I need a life.

I started the blog a year ago for reasons both practical and not. On the one hand, I was tired of feeling like I was missing out on what was going on in town. The last straw was when my sister-in-law last year asked me if I was going to Summer Nights and my response was, “Summer Nights? What’s Summer Nights?”

But other reasons were less concrete. After living in town for two years, I was still struggling to figure out how I fit into this community. The town I grew up in, moved away from, and then returned to felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

I’m happy to say I feel infinitely more connected to Southborough and my community than I did a year ago. And my favorite comments on the blog are from those of you who say you feel the same way.

As we look forward to year number two, I’ll leave you with some perspective on year number one. Thanks for being part of the My Southborough community. This blog wouldn’t be worth continuing if it wasn’t for you.

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14 years ago


Maybe we can make this post the most-commented-on for year 2! Thanks for the wonderful public service you provide. Now where do I get one of those cupcakes!

14 years ago

Happy Blogoversary! It was great to finally meet you the other night and had I known the anniversary was so close, I would have insisted on putting a candle in your crabcakes!

14 years ago

well congrats! weather permitting, see you at Summer Nights…

Charles E. Gobron
14 years ago

Thanks, Susan, for all you do to help community members stay informed about their schools! I appreciate the time you spend learning about what’s going on at Algonquin as well as at Finn, Woodward, Neary, and Trottier. Happy First Anniversary!

14 years ago

Happy Anniversary- you are a community treasure. Southborough is so lucky to have you!

Best Wishes,
Judy Salerno
Crossroads Community Foundation

14 years ago

Susan/Wonderwoman/Superbolgger, Congrats! Your dedication, diligence and hard work are obvious and very much appreciated (as is your friendship). Local news & happenings with a wry personality-fabulous! I look forward to each new posting. Many thanks for all you do on our behalf!!!!!

14 years ago

Just wanted to thank you for this fantastic blog!

14 years ago

Congrats and a big Thank You Susan!!!

14 years ago

Congrats on the anniversary. I really enjoy all the information you provide about the community. I tell everyone I meet to log on and check it out. Gee…maybe since fellow blogger “Julie” got a movie why not you? “A Day in the Life of a Southborough Blogger”

14 years ago

Congratulations on 1 year! This blog, and the diligence, dedication, and quality with which you produce it, are truly a community treasure. You provide invaluable news and a connection to both the big issues and the little joys and foibles of life. Thank you for all you do and please keep up the great work – while you may not hear it all the time, your efforts are greatly appreciated by many in our community.

Papa Rosa
14 years ago

Happy birthday! Keep up the good work. Hyperlocal blogs like yours are the future of small-town journalism.

14 years ago

Thank you for writing about this lovely little town! I too have felt much more connected to all of it’s happenings.

And hey, I also tell everyone about your blog. Amazing growth, as seen in the numbers!

Thanks again for all that you do!

Kelly Roney
14 years ago

Happy birthday! Blogging almost has to be an obsession. I’m glad you have it.

14 years ago

Keep up the great work. Happy b-day.

Steve Pflug
14 years ago

Congratulations on doing a great service to those of us no longer living in Southborough but still wanting to stay connected. You have done a fantastic job and I can only say – Keep up the good work!!

14 years ago

The blog is fantastic and the first place I go when I want to know what is going on around town. Thank you for all of your hard work!

14 years ago

Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for your lovely and informative work. I have been out of town, out of state actually, for almost a year now and I greatly appreciate hearing all that goes on in town. It’s a sweet taste of home for me as well as reassuring to stay informed with just a quick minute of review. Much appreciated.

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