Southborough schools stay calm amid H1N1 concerns

With kids heading back to school, HINI seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, at least if you believe the media, it is.

But Superintendent Charles Gobron said he hasn’t had many calls from Southborough parents concerned about the virus.

Some area schools are holding flu clinics to vaccinate kids against seasonal flu as well as H1N1, but Gobron said there are no immediate plans to do so in the Southborough schools.

“We’re working with the (Southborough) Board of Health and looking for guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health,” Gobron said. “We’ll know more as time goes on.”

For now, Gobron advises parents to make sure kids wash hands frequently and cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. And most of all, he advises parents to continue to remain calm.

“There’s an allure to this craziness, this overreaction,” he said. “But it’s not helping the kids.”

For more information on H1N1, visit the Southborough Board of Health website.

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