Were you caught in Route 9 traffic this morning?

I have the luxury of working from home, so I’m free of the toils of a daily commute, but from what I hear it was a bad one out there this morning.

The Metrowest Daily News reports a water main break, presumably in Framingham, had traffic backed up on Route 9 east from Prospect Street in Framingham all the way to Route 495. That’s about 11 miles, most of it in Southborough.

Were you caught in the backup?

Update: The Metrowest Daily News has more details. The latest article said the backup stretched only to the Mass Pike exit. That contradicts their earlier report (and photo) of a much longer backup. The article also says work on the water main continues tonight, so be forewarned.

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Beatriz Requena
14 years ago

I was, it was bad, but I moved fast and took the way into ashland toward route 135 all the way to wellesley then Needham where I work.

14 years ago

I was, it took me an hour and a half to get to work at Framingham State College, usually only takes me about 20 minutes. Wish I had known I could have gone the back way, although I heard they were backed up also.

14 years ago

I went the backway to avoid traffic backed up on Oak HIll Rd. What a disaster. Caught out behind Framingham Country Club forever. And NOTHING on the a.m. news/traffic reports about it.

Mike Crimmings
14 years ago

I have yet to hear a public apology from the Town of Framingham…

14 years ago

I was stuck as well… heading from Westborough to Framingham on Route 9. I finally got off at Middle Road and took Rt. 30, which was moving along nicely.

14 years ago

Why would Framingham owe anyone a “public apology?” It isn’t their fault that a water main broke. I am sure they weren’t too happy about it either. Am I missing something?

Kelly Roney
14 years ago

I was on Rte. 30, and there was some spillover. The backup went well into Southborough on 9, though. Two co-workers reported 45 minute trips from 495 to the Framingham line.

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