Update on plans to memorialize Dennis Wrenn

(Photo from Facebook)

Not long after the death of beloved music director Dennis Wrenn last February, many suggested that the Algonquin auditorium should be renamed in his honor.

“I’m completely in favor of some sort of memorial,” Superintendent Charles Gobron told me at the start of school this year. But what that memorial will be is still to be determined.

Gobron said there is unanimous support “to commemorate Dennis as a teacher, friend, and colleague.” But he cautioned against making the assumption that the memorial will involve renaming the auditorium.

“We want something everyone can agree to,” Gobron said. Renaming the auditorium could be controversial because it is already named in honor of John F. Kennedy Jr. “Some in the community are tied to that name,” Gobron said.

School policy says officials need to wait 6 to 12 months before deciding upon any sort of memorial. Gobron said the Regional School Committee is the group that will initiate the process for Mr. Wrenn. I’ll let you know when the topic comes up on the committee’s agenda.

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