Police chief finalists named

The Metrowest Daily News has the list of finalists recommended by the Police Chief Search Committee. They are Interim Chief Jane Moran, Holden Lt. David Armstrong, Westfield Lt. Hipolito Nunez and Framingham Lt. Paul Shastany.

The article also discusses member John Rooney’s resignation from the committee last month. Rooney disagreed with the committee’s decision not to use an expert hired by the Board of Selectmen. Former Waltham Police Chief Stephen Unsworth was hired to help with screening, as well as with the final interview process, but the committee reportedly felt using his services would jeopardize their autonomy.

In his resignation letter (.pdf), Rooney wrote:

Of course there is no such thing as a perfect process. Nevertheless, it is categorically unassailable that utilizing Chief Unsworth as a consultant and participant during the interview process is preferable to not utilizing his services. As Chief Unsworth has previously noted, when a Town is hiring a new Police Chief, “you cannot afford to make a mistake.” While it may have taken some of the aura of autonomy away from the Committee, the Committee’s autonomy should be secondary to acting in the best interest of the residents of the Town of Southborough. I was unable to convince my fellow members of this position, and remaining a part of the Committee served only to disrupt.

Committee chairwoman Desiree Aselbekian told the Metrowest Daily News Rooney’s resignation was a “non-issue.”

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14 years ago

I think Desiree is a non issue Maybe that girl should go out and find a real job

14 years ago

A couple of things jump out at me. First, since all but Mr. Rooney opposed the use of the consultant, I tend to think there is something going on that is not being said (no big surprise there I guess). Second, I don’t know what struck me as weirder, that Desiree refers to the committee as “hers” or that Mr. Rooney felt the need to point that out more than once, in quotes, in his letter. Last, I agree with marty about the quote on his resigning – a “non-issue.” Yikes! Any number of standard, “well these things happen,” “we thank him for his participation, ” or even “I respect him for making a tough decision” would have been more diplomatic.

My fear is that all of this is going to lead to a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” result to this process and that would be unfair to the town and to whomever is selected.

14 years ago

I will try to stick to the facts as I know them and save the rant for another time.

I believe the board of selectmen have seriously mismanaged this process, to the detriment of the citizens of Southborough, the candidates, and the police department personnel.

Initially, Sal stated it was a requirement that Acting Chief Moran be an automatic finalist. This was repeated several times, despite the advice of the Personnel Board chair and former selectman Chalen. I do not know if Bonnie and Bill concurred in this but I never heard them disagree. I believe this created an appearance that the Acting Chief had an inside track on the job. That is unfair to her.

To be perfectly candid, I think the selectmen had plenty of time to decide if the Acting Chief performed the job well enough to be appointed to the position on a full time basis. By not just appointing her to the position, then making her an automatic finalist, it sends very mixed signals to the applicants. It also, in my opinion, puts the selectmen in the unflattering position of being unable or unwilling to make a decision.

Subsequent to forming the committee, Sal announced that it was up to the Committee to decide of they wanted to include the Acting Chief as a finalist and that should decision should be based on merit (my words).

The Committee was tasked to begin work immediately. Subsequent to forming the Committee, the BOS decided to canvas for a hiring consultant/expert. That took some time and in the interim, the Committee’s work had progressed quit a bit. The consultants suggested seeking anonymous surveys from the current police department. However, the Committee had already conducted face to face interviews. (Which do you think would be more honest?)

At the selectmen’s meeting where they announced the selection of the expert, Desiree appeared and expressed her opinions about the selection. My recollection of the exchange between Desiree and the selectmen (I wish I had the ability to record the cable broadcast) was that it was a bit testy. Desiree referred to “her committee” several times, and I believe she opposed the committee using the consultant. I believe it ended with Sal stating the consultant would be available as a resource to assist the committee as they saw fit. I was quite surprised by what I perceived as a lack of direction provided by the selectmen to the committee they appointed. Most of the discussion was between Sal and Desiree. (I recall that Sal proposed Desiree for membership on the committee so I assume they get along.)

Again, my take on this was that the consultants offered a wide range of services in the selection process and it was clear the committee would not fully utilize them. Whether this was due to a fear of slowing down the committee or something else, I do not know. In any event, doesn’t it make sense to use the services of an expert as much as possible, especially since noon on the committee has any law enforcement experience. (I know Mr Rooney was an assistant district attorney for a few years and his father was a police chief, but that’s not the same as police experience.

Now for a historical perspective, when the town conducted the last search for a police chief, they used the services of a consultant/expert to determine the finalists who were then interviewed by the selectmen.

As a friend of mine once asked, “How will this movie end?” Regrettably, one aspect of the end is the diminished opinion I have for the performance and judgment of the selectmen. I have TREMENDOUS respect for the time and effort they put into their very difficult job. Its their obligation to make a decision and their right to chose which decision they make. Its the vacillation that bother me.

There’s so much of an undercurrent on this issue that it is unhealthy for the town, the police department, and for the applicants. I like and respect Mr Rooney. I am deeply troubled by his resignation as well as the terse “non-issue” comment by Desiree. I suspect there is more to this story but Mr Rooney is too much of a gentleman to “kiss and tell.” Also, I believe he was the only attorney on the committee.

I have really tried to express my feelings in the most honest and direct way I can. I truly do not mean to offend anyone, including Sal, but I need to be honest here.

When I was in the military, we had a term for a situation like this: FUBAR!

14 years ago

Marty, I hope it is not “f***ed up beyond all repair” as I understood that to mean when I served our Country. If the BOS are relying on Desiree, then it truly is FUBAR. I’m amazed that other members of the committee remain silent in regard to Desiree’s non-issue comment. Frightening. Many more comments from very concerned residents can be viewed at this site


Hopefully the BOS will see through her charade and do something about it. If not, we always have the elections to act.

14 years ago

If you wait for an election to act, it’s already too late. This is just another example of how things are now run in Southborough. Another consultant hired and pretty much ignored. And another good person driven away from a committee for trying to do the right thing.

14 years ago

I need to vent my frustration and disappointment with a group of people who hold the public trust over what has happened with regards to the Police Chief selection process and at the same time find some closure to what has transpired over the course of the last several months so I can move forward without a resentment towards Southborough. I applied for the job as one might guess by the time you finish reading this so I will put that out first.

When the job was posted, I put together a resume and contacted five references who gladly agreed to vouch for my character and ability to assume the position of Chief of Police in Southborough. As part of my preperation for an interview, I made inquiries within the law enforcement community and I quickly discovered that there were many eligible candidates for the position who felt it a waste of time applying for the job because, as one put it , “it will be an uphill battle all the way” (to beat the interim Chief, Jane Moran). Furthermore, that mindset was frequently discussed on the blog and around town.

Not one to have a basket of “regrets”, I continued with the application process thinking, “well…that takes the pressure off” and “nothing ventured-nothing gained”. I felt that because the BOS promised a transparent process, at least it would be a fair and unbiased process. I was even more upbeat when I learned that Badgequest was hired to assist the Search Committee with the selection process knowing that there was no one on the search committee with any law enforcement experience excepting Mr. Rooney. (and he later resigned). I was however more that just a bit upset to learn that one applicant; Interim Chief Moran, would move to the finalist stage regardless of her qualifications. Later, I was shocked to learn that the Committee chose not to use Badgequest during the selection of candidates and interviews.

Yesterday, I learned through an article in the newspaper that the interviews had concluded and the selection was narrowed to four candidates; one being interim Chief Moran. Not even a “Thank you for applying” from the town to me or anyone else who applied for that matter. Plain and simple unprofessional !

Someone in a comments section said, “we should be looking for a good Chief”. I think you should have been looking for a great Chief and you all may have missed the opportunity when the shroud of suspicion shadowed the selection process from start to finsih.

14 years ago

Good point John. What else are people to do. None of them know about it unless they read the comments and the news site. What can people do? Does the board support the comittees chair and the comittees acts? I really feel bad for the people who applyed for the job. They could have met with a expert but our town only allowed them to work with a comittee run by whatever her name is. A blackeye for the town.

14 years ago

Maybe we should give Desiree the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she just does not know what the word non-issue means. For her benefit, “non-issue” is a noun, meaning “an issue of little importance, validity or concern.” Now, with that definition in mind, let us see: No, afraid not; that word just does not seem to fit anywhere in relationship to what I’ve read and heard. I’ve got it, maybe she meant to tell the reporter the resignation was the antonym (Desiree, that means the opposite) of non-issue, and the reporter just left out a word. Ah, yes, that must be it. Darn reporters

Town Elder
14 years ago

Disappointed, Your comment was painful to read and it is even harder to understand how my town could do this to you. From your note, it seems no one received any type of reply notice. Great job town and committee. Great job.

How can anyone defend what happened with this process? How can anyone not read the comments above and not be sickened? How could this happen in my town?

Disappointed, At one time my town was a great town. I had always been proud to say I lived in this town. Now I am not. It has turned into just another town with warts for all to see.

Disappointed, An apology is owed. I hope it is short in coming.

14 years ago


As a resident of Southborough, I apologize to you for the unprofessional manner in which you were treated. The complete absence of common courtesy is an embarrassment to all of us.

I completely agree with your comment that we should not be seeking a good Chief, but a great one. We should be seeking someone who can meet or exceed the standard set by Billy Webber. We should not “settle” for anything less.


One Vote
14 years ago

I echo the sentiment that many of my fellow Southborough citizens have expressed. I am not going to waste time beating my chest with who I am, because as my screen name states, I am one vote; no more or less than any one citizen of the Town of Southborough.
Therefore in that vain I will express my view.

The preamble to the U.S. Constitution starts out, “We the people…” not “I”. Unfortunately the town of Southborough is not immune from those who, being entrusted with serving the citizenry, visa vie “Police Committee”, “Board of Selectman” contort these roles of service for the people into power trips for themselves.

I do not purport to know what is going on in the heart and mind of any of the selectman nor committee members. Only they truly know what they are thinking or what their true motivation is and they will need to live with that and be able to look themselves in the mirror each morning. But I do have a logical mind and can look at facts and deduce truths from that.

Sergeant Moran may be the best candidate for the job. I do not know her, know nothing of her experience, competence, command ability, ability to lead the department, judgement or how well respected she is. That said, IF in fact she was given a pass through to the finals without having to go through the same process as the other candidates, one thing becomes immediately obvious.

My understanding of the function of the Police Chief Committee, was to have a vetting process of all the candidates for the position, review their qualifications and then once they had gone through all of the candidates, the committee was to make a recommendation to the Selectman of who the finalists were. From this list of finalists the Selectmen were to make their final selection. Based on this understanding, the obvious place for something to go wrong IF a fix was in for one candidate over another would be that the Selectman had no control over what names were given to them from the Police Committee. Now maybe there is some 200 year old bylaw on the books which empowers the Selectman to ignore any committee recommendation and do what they want. But if the committee had the opportunity to review everyone including Sergeant Moran and for whatever reason they did not make a finalist of her, but the Selectman gave her the job anyway, that would look even worse than it already does. So the world goes round and politics as usual is alive and well in our town of Southborough, big surprise.

A few final notes:
This ultimately is our responsibility. “WE THE PEOPLE” Yes as one person wrote, we will not be able to undo this injustice by voting out the selectman that are allowing this foolishness to occur. But what we can do is take back our town. We can vote them out and send a message. The message being that if you don’t represent what WE THE PEOPLE want, in a fair, impartial manner that serves the best interest of the citizens of the Town of Southborough, then you are gone from office and will not be allowed to perpetrate these travesties any more. That message can be significant and if we stay the course as our forefathers did many years ago, the message will carry to any person considering public office in our town. Serve the people else you will be gone from a position to do harm to the community.

Note two:
I do not know Mr. Rooney, but one obvious difference between us is this. I withdrew my name for consideration prior to the interview for Police Committee as soon as I read the comment from a Selectman that Sergeant Moran should get a pass to the finals. I knew what that meant. Thus I had an enjoyable summer without listening to and observing first hand the power play and collusion as THEY try to define THEIR department; I am sorry Mr. Rooney that you wasted your time before reaching the same conclusion I did some months before. I commend your optimism and sense of civic duty.

Final note:
Sergeant Moran. If you do get the job of full time Chief of Police (regardless of how qualified you may be) due to the manner this is transpiring, be prepared for the proverbial favor(s) being ask from those who helped facilitate your ascension to the full time Chief of Police office. You should have declined any preferential treatment and insisted on going through the same process as any other applicant. If you are confident in the fact that you are the best person for the job then you should not have worried about the full process. By doing it that way, it would have removed all the appearance of impropriety. Being able to see that would have been the mark of a good leader because appearance of impropriety can be as damaging as actual impropriety. They taught US that on the first day of the Police Academy; I am concerned you did not take that approach.

Also A One Vote
14 years ago

One Vote, A very reflective and inspiring comment. I commend your analysis. You’ve obviously given this matter considerable thought and your words were chosen wisely. While you are correct in that you are only “One Vote”, your wisdom and reasoned opinion needs to be shared with town residents so that they too can reflect and make informed decisions. I just don’t know if this website gets the message out to all that need to know. If people in town choose to ignore this and not get involved, then that is their choice. However, the message needs to be more widely distributed so that residents can become informed of the debacle. I am sure the selectmen will not publize it, so it is up to all of us “One Votes” to call for change when change is required.

I do not know Ms. Moran either, but when she gets the job, her task will have been made so much more difficult because of the way this was handled. An apology will not rectify anything. The committee’s constant executive sessions, the chair’s ridiculous comments, the committee’s failure to use the expert, the way applicants were treated as refelected in their postings, Mr. Rooney’s resignation, as well as so much more, are all matters of utmost concern and require public disclosure.

One final note. I know Mr. Rooney from having served with him on a Little League Board. I do not know him well, but it was immediately apparent after spending time together that his intellect, integrity and pragmatic outlook dominated his thoughts and positions. If people were paying attention, his withdrawal from the committee should have caused some action by the selectmen. The residents were only left with a comment that it was a nonissue. This type of comment shows a lack of professionalism and maturity, and tells me that people were asleep at the switch. The train has left the station, and no one is at the controls.

One Vote
14 years ago

Also A One Vote:
Thanks for the kind words. It is nice to see a similarly civic minded individual. I guess this really raises a much larger issue of rallying public involvement in civic matters. This is two fold:

1. You need to find committed individuals who are willing to put up with the buffoonery that is pervasive in small town politics. This is no small task. Over the course of my life I have seen some very intelligent, committed, pragmatic people get worn down by the relentless ratings of the ignorant. I say that not to be insulting, but it stands to reason that many times, the ones who stay in the game the longest in these situations are the ones who can not see any other point but their own. The intelligent seem to realize when things have become a stalemate and pack it in for sanity sake.
2. I would think the only way to combat the onslaught of those few is obviously with the many. This too is difficult because as I have also experienced, people want to live their life in peace and are content to let things roll along, feeling that in time things will even out. They usually only get involved after something outrageous occurs and by then of course it is too late.

A proactive stance (to many) is akin to a doomsday mentality. The masses can not see, and or are not willing to see that bad things do happen and if you do not address them (in this case be very active in your research of public officials, and stay current on their track records, openly expressing your wishes and when you feel marginalized, vote them out of office) then you are left to the fancy of which way the wind is blowing.

I would love to sit down with folks such as you, Mr. Rooney and other fair minded individuals and discuss how to get the truth out in this and other town matters so that it is heard by all, and somehow makes sure their wishes get heard and become the voices of true action, and not merely philosophical debate.

J. Rooney
14 years ago

In an effort to dispel any rumor or grassroot effort to elevate my resignation into something more than it was, let me put to rest what appears to be a misinterpretation of my actions. I do this with much reluctance and within the confines of my obligation to maintain confidential information. That said, it is important for those interested to understand what is and what is not accurate.

I resigned for the single reason that I had a fundamental disagreement with the committee’s refusal to take advantage of the expert services of Chief Unsworth. I feel the committee should have allowed Chief Unsworth an active role in the interview process. Since he had done this many times before and was a former Chief, and further, since this was all virgin territory for every committee member, his exclusion made no sense to me. His participation would have resulted in the committee being able to present to the Selectmen the strongest candidates for consideration. Since I wanted him involved and everyone else on the committee did not, in my mind the interview process was tortured and flawed and therefore I resigned.

My resignation had absolutely nothing to do with my feelings of who would be or would not be a finalist. Any expression or intimation to the contrary is without foundation. People think I resigned because I did not agree with the Selectmen’s position concerning Chief Moran. Such a statement or opinion could not be further from reality.

While I have never had the pleasure or opportunity to meet Chief Moran, given her dedication to the town and leadership after the passing of Chief Weber, I have always been of the opinion, independent of any expressions by the Selectmen, that fairness dictates she should be interviewed by the Selectment for the position. It is not only fair, it is the right thing to do. Those who object to such a position are not objecting to the qualifications or ability of Chief Moran, but, rather, are focusing their wrath on the Selectmen. This serves to undermine the important objective of hiring the next Chief, and your objections to the acts of the Selectmen are better reserved for another day and another issue.

While we may not all be in agreement about the selection process, at the end of the day, the Town needs to come together and support whomever is fortunate to be our next Chief. To do anything less would be a tragic disservice to our town and our loved ones.

An Applicant
14 years ago

Re: Mr. J. Roooney
Dear Mr. Rooney,
I have nothing but praise for the position you took and stood by. I was disappointed that your values and concerns forced your resignation from the search committee but I can certainly understand why you felt it necessary to remove yourself. Unlike you, I am still banging my head against the wall if for nothing more than to let people know what happended.
Since the process started, I have never heard one comment, rumor or inuendo that you were predisposed to favor one applicant over another. To the contrary, I felt some degree of confidence that the rumors it was Jane Moran’s job to lose were just that – rumors and without merit. It was comforting to know that Badgequest was hired as a “consultant” because the rumors of a “bag job” only intensified as weeks turned into months. From the Town Hall to the corner store to the smallest house on a cul de sac, all I heard from reliable sources was “don’t waste your time”. Now combine that with the news that the town selected a committee comprised of residents with no law enforcement experience whatsoever, hired a professional consultant (and I might add a very successful one too)who was intentionally left out of the most important part of the process,and then YOU resign. Sir, the Selectmen deserve whatever wrath they incur. They not only let down your community, they put a cloud of suspicion over whoever is selected for the position, and may have actually opened the floodgates of litigation.
That being said, my only disappointment with you now is your opinion and how you justify making Jane Moran an “Automatic Finalist” – ” that fairness dictates she should be interviewed by the Selectment for the position. It is not only fair, it is the right…..”
Interim Chief Moran was paid to be an Interim Chief. Thats an advantage over every other applicant right away. On the job “paid” training and I’ll bet it looks really good on a resume too. It would have been a huge benefit to everyone involved if Jane Moran reached the finalist stage based on her own merits and qualifications and on the recommendation of Mr. Unsworth.
I commend you for the course you chose and for being honest, but I think you as a person and more so as an attorney need to revisit the dictionary and look up the meaning of “fair”. I applied for a position that was advertised as a “fair open and competitive” process and not one of those words held true.

J. Rooney
14 years ago

An Applicant,

Thank you for your note. You bring up some very good points. We all view these things from differing life perspectives. I can completely understand and appreciate your position and take no issue with it at all. I would hope that you could also understand the position I take and, while you may not agree with it, at least understand it.

You see, I grew up in a house with a father who had been on the police force for 28 years and was supposedly next in line for position of Chief. While I am certainly biased, I believe from everyone’s account, he was more than qualified. The Mayor was the appointing authority and, you see, my dad and the Mayor just didn’t get along that well. My dad was a “Cop” and the Mayor was a “Politician.” Most Cops back then tended to see things differently than Politicians. Well, the Mayor appointed a different person for Chief and did not even give my dad an interview. I didn’t then, nor do I now, think that was “fair.” Well, unfortunately for the Mayor, he was a “one-termer” and not reelected, that Chief served a short term, and my dad ultimately became Chief. He became Chief not because he was “interim chief” for a period of time, but because he was afforded an opportunity, along with many others, to interview.

It is with this simple life perspective that I use the term “fair.” I am not saying, nor have I ever said, that by providing Chief Moran an opportunity for an interview, it takes away another candidate’s opportunity for an interview. Nor am I saying that by providing her an opportunity for an interview, does she get the job. Rather, my position was and has been from the start, that after the list of qualified candidates to be interviewed has been compiled, Chief Moran should be added to the list. You see, Applicant, from my perspective, her inclusion was not to the exclusion of any other qualified candidate; in other words, all of the qualified applicants should have been interviewed ALONG with Chief Moran. So she is not taking any opportunity away from anyone by giving her the opportunity to interview. In reading my prior note, I can see where you may have misunderstood, and I apologize for the lack of clarity.

My earlier hestitation for openess by not using a pseudonym was a concern about engaging in endless debate in this medium. That I will not do. Nevertheless, I thought it important to disclose facts and issues from my small microcosm of life simply to address what I perceived as misinterpretation in many comments.

Again, Applicant, I can appreciate and understand everything you say. I hope that my further elucidation gives you a better understanding and appreciation of my thoughts on this issue.

With that said, if you’d like to discuss this in person, you know where to find me. I wish you the best of luck and amas sorry as you are that things evolved as they did in Southborough.

An Applicant
14 years ago

Dear Mr. Rooney,
Your clarification needs no further explaination. In this light, I cannot say that is not fair. Admirable to see it that way I think. You are a gentleman and I thank you for the time you took to respond. I started my career in Southborough and I have many fond memories of the people I worked with and worked for. I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand.
J. Deignan

J. Rooney
14 years ago

Sergeant Deignan, Thank you, sir, for your kind note as well. With your employment proximity to Waltham, I am sure our paths crossed at some point in the past. Lets make sure they pass in the future.

Best of luck to you and your family.


J. Rooney
14 years ago

Sergeant, “Cross” (not “pass”) in the future. Long day.

14 years ago

As we enter the twilight on this matter, I am struck by a number of things.

I am struck from what appears to be Mr. Rooney’s unselfish nature. While I do not know him at all, without obligation and apparently driven by a civic desire, he took the time to explain to the residents so very much that needed explanation. His concluding comment urging unity shows how deeply he cares about this matter and this town. He then took the time to respond to a distressed applicant and his response clearly eased the pain for that person. He could have simply sat back and done nothing and expressed displeasure with it all. His concern for the final goal of making sure the right person is hired for the job has dominated everything that I have read. For instance, he could have taken aim and leveled a response to Desiree’s non-issue comment, but his restraint shows character. Getting involved in a gutteral debate with her would do nothing for the town, and would not focus on the issue at hand. He must know, as we all do, that the educated residents of this town dismissed her comment as coming from someone overly intoxicated with the title of “Chair” and someone who’s only goal was to advance her own interests. Fortunately for us, and unfortuntately for her, her conduct has had the direct opposite effect. Her involvement in future town issues should be immediately closed off.

I am still left with a number of concerns that need to be addressed. I would like to know why the selectmen did not take immediate action once they found out about the committee’s objection to the expert? They should have stepped in immediately and directed the process, and not left it to an uncontrolled Chair with personal objectives. They are faulted for non-action and putting blinders on during the process. They need to acknowledge this mistake. I am still concerned that not a single selectmen has seen it appropriate to acknowledge the inappropriateness of Desiree’s conduct and comment. And, I am the most concerned that the expert was not involved in the reviewing of applications and the determination of who should and should not advance to the next round. This appears to be the most significant issue remaining, and it is an issue that explanation will not cure. Mistakes were made. We are human. Lets learn from them and look forward.

One Vote
14 years ago

I have read the back and forth from “Applicant” and Mr. Rooney. Not having witnessed any of this with my own eyes, I will have to go based on their hearsay on the matter. (Yes if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am was a police officer in both the military and in a few small towns in N.H., so I have seen all of this before)

1. Every applicant who applied should have at very least had the courtesy of being notified either in person or in writing that they were not being considered any further for the position. If they took the time to put in the effort to apply, dependency and common courtesy says the same should be afforded to them.
2. Everyone asking for consideration should have had to go through the same process. Anything less raises concerns that will be very difficult for anyone to overcome. The BOS made a decision to appoint Sargeant Moran to the position of Interium Chief. I wonder if it ever crossed their minds how they might look if she had to go through the regular process and had not even made the final cut and then was dropped from consideration.
3. When I encounter people who do not want or allow others to express their opinions, that always raises a red flag to me. There always will be leaders and followers and it has been my experience that leaders do not want their “power” usurped. Allowing Chief Unsworth to consult with the Chief of Police committee had the potential to change opinions. There was nothing written, which would have forced you to take his suggestions and do anything. I wonder what was so scary about listening to him.
4. There are four finalists. I can assume that was the number the BOS stated would make it to the final round. IF that is true, then Sgt. Moran is taking up someone else’s spot. IF that is not true and the BOS said right along there would be three finalists PLUS Sgt. Moran, THEN I can see and agree with Mr. Rooney’s comments about her not taking a spot away from anyone.
5. I disagree that Sgt. Moran should have gotten a pass to the finals. A police department should be representative of its citizenry. She was appointed by a BOS of three. What would be so wrong by asking her to have another group of appointed citizens have the opportunity to meet with her and state their opinions on how she do as a full time chief. Being good at one position does not guarantee you will be good at another. I worked with many cops who were great road cops and turned into horrible supervisors. I also worked with some road cops that were awful out on the road and made great supervisors. The two skill sets are entirely different. I have also witnessed shortcuts taken in towns to appoint Chiefs of Police that have ended in horrendous circumstances. All I am saying is the job requirements will be the same for whoever becomes the fulltime Chief. The process therefore should be no different.
6. I agree that divisiveness never serves the greater good. But I do feel that if you don’t agree with what is going on, you should speak out. That is what the country is based on and NOT being another sheep going along with the herd. I am not going further on the soap box of where history shows that herd mentality leads us.
7. Finally I want to thank Mr. Rooney for his service, offer my sympathy to Sgt. Deignan on being ill treated and thank all the Southborough residents for weighing in their opinions on this. I am proud to be a citizen of a country where we can disagree or agree without fear of reprisal.

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