More of your Heritage Day photos

More photos from Heritage Day. This batch from reader Amy Yazdani has some shots of the Life Flight helicopter that landed on St. Mark’s field.

Click any image below to view as a slideshow.

heritage-day-ayazdani-5 heritage-day-ayazdani-7 heritage-day-ayazdani-4 heritage-day-ayazdani-3 heritage-day-ayazdani-1 heritage-day-ayazdani-2 heritage-day-ayazdani-6

Send in your photos of Heritage Day for the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Southborough business of your choice.

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14 years ago

It’s nice to see so many had a fun day, but to me, the Heritage has gone out of the day. Remember the Telephone Pioneers display on the second floor of the Town House? The huge projects constructed by the Boy Scouts? Bob Sealy and his hay wagon? Those were Heritage Days for sure.

14 years ago

You’re right… Heritage Day was originally started to prepare for the 250th (?) anniversary of the town, and had colonial fife and drummers in the parade, someone making musket balls (really cool), sometimes even an old-time fireman’s muster sponsored by our local Union 1 handtub. There were hayrides and pony rides, candy apples, and more. This was old time stuff for then as well. We also had a fireman’s field day which was separate, which had all free rides and lots of booths, not to mention the disgusting greased pole, which the boys loved. IF we’re going to continue to call this fair “Heritage” Day, can we incorporate some living history into it? For example, the 5th graders have a colonial day in the spring, and there’s a colonial fair in Sudbury in September… It was a beautiful day this year, and lots of fun, but mostly just spending money on junk the kids wanted.

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