What month is it again?

This is what those of us in Southborough woke up to this morning. Not very October-like.




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14 years ago

Whatever happened to the global warming thing??

14 years ago

It is actually “Global Climate Change.” “Global Warming” is a misnomer. And it explains unseasonably cold as well as unseasonable warm climate changes in addition to the increased frequency and severity of climatic events like hurricanes.

“Global warming actually means the average surface temperature of the entire planet increases because of mankind’s actions and/or the natural changes to the environment.

Unfortunately, the phrase “global warming” is often understood as the average temperature everywhere on Earth will increase. In actuality, most areas of the planet will go through an average increase in temperate, yet some parts of the planet will suffer an average decrease in temperature. This is because as more heat or energy is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere, this will cause more erratic temperatures and extreme weather phenomena. For instance, certain areas will become much drier or wetter than their current norm. Also, hurricane and typhoons will become more common and more violent. Artic blasts and blizzards will also increase in frequency and intensity.

Even though it is true that the average temperature for the entire planet will also increase, it is misleading to imply that the average temperature everywhere will increase too. That is why the phrase “global warming” is a misnomer and misleading.”

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