Attack of the ladybugs

Wondering why there have been so many ladybugs flying around the past few days? WBZ has the answer:

An expert told WBZ the bugs may sense that winter is coming. Because it was warm Tuesday, they were looking for a place, such as a home, to spend the winter.

WBZ Executive Weather Producer Terry Eliasen said the influx of ladybugs happens any year that there are a bunch of really cold fall days, followed by a warm-up.

It’s a bit annoying when they find their way inside the house, but I think it’s magical to see so many ladybugs flying around outside. My toddler agrees.

What about you? Feeling inundated? I once heard that ladybugs are attracted to white and lighter-colored homes. Has anyone found that to be true?

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14 years ago

I love them and find them entertaining. I like to think they are eating dust mites… I once put a lady bug on a teeny bit of orange, and it “drained” it!

14 years ago

Yes! My white trimmed house was “attacked” by lady bugs yesterday. It was a lot of fun

14 years ago

I was at the Southborough driving range late yesterday afternoon and they were everywhere crawling on me and my golf clubs.

Judith Bailey Keneman
14 years ago

We had them here in Princeton, NJ yesterday also. They were swarming on the sunny side of my office building – seemed like thousands of them. My firned and I were planning to eat lunch outside, but they were all over us and our packages of food. We had to eat inside. Three came through the doors with us – I wonder how many managed to get inside by the end of the day with people going in and out. I am always surprised to find one in my house, but they are pretty and harmless. They delight my grandson.

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