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orange-treeWe haven’t done an open discussion thread for a few weeks, so seems like it’s about time. For those of you new to the blog, the open discussion thread is your place to ask questions, sound off on town issues, or share information with other readers. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Ask questions about programs in town or the town itself
  • Post a note about things that you’re selling or giving away, or things that you want
  • Share notices about upcoming events (Southborough or otherwise)
  • Register your thoughts on town issues or news stories
  • Point out interesting or helpful resources

You can add comments to the thread throughout the week. Check back often to see new comments. (If you read the blog via email or RSS, you might want to check the site from time to time for new comments.)

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14 years ago

I’m wondering what’s going to become of the new building on the corner of Rt. 85 and Southville Road (former Ipanema restaurant site). It’s a shame that it’s just sitting there vacant. Does anyone know about it?

14 years ago

Goin up for auction. There is a big sign posted out front.

14 years ago

Where is parking available for the Cavalier bus? Someone mentioned a while back that Main Street near the insurance agency is available, but I’m a little uncomfortable just parking my car on the street, especially if it snows in the winter.


14 years ago

Has there ever been any thought of coordinating/zoning a standard way to honor our athletes’ championships? I think it’s great, and the right thing to do, honoring their accomplishments. But if you enter town, say cross the reservoir eastbound on Rte. 30 (just past Central St). there are the baseball championship signs nailed to separate telephone poles that look a little tacky (IMHO). And other major entry points don’t have anything.

Seems like it would be more attractive to establish a permanent area and ‘fixture’ (i.e. a fence section) in high traffic points of entry where these signs would reside, rather than have them scattered haphazardly with no sense of direction or consistency. For example, the sign on Rte. 85N into Marlboro, a nice setup like that could have a number of championship signs affixed.

85 South into Southborough, Rte 30 from Westborough, Rte. 30 from Framingham, Rte. 9 on either border, and Rte. 85 North from Hopkinton come to mind. It does get questionable as to where to stop (expense), but these being the major entry points to town, seems like they should be designated, at a minimum.

14 years ago

I agree with Chris. I have often wondered where those signs will end. There should be an appropriate public area and a time frame after which older signs will be retired to make room for newer ones.

14 years ago

Okay – here’s an idea. I LOVE the interesting sign down at Cordaville in the new park. Why not find a way to welcome people to EACH section of S’boro w/ the same type of sign.

The Fayville sign could be at the empty corner lot at Central Street and Rt 9….of course the town doesn’t own it and it would have to be spruced up but….

And then I guess the “southborough” sign could be at the corner of Newton and Main St – again the town doesn’t own it and would need sprucing up but…. (not sure if it would say “southborough” or maybe “southborough Village”) Any other sections I’m missing? Does anyone else like this idea? I know, I know… would cost money – but maybe we can put it on the “to do” list and maybe down the road we CAN get it done.

done rambling – sorry!

14 years ago

Hi, I recently moved to Southborough, and love the town, and love this website — it has really helped me get to the town a lot better.

I had one topical question — does Southborough have designated trick-or-treat hours for Halloween? I’ve tried searching on Google, but have not turned up anything.


14 years ago

Is there any way our town officials can “ask” the private schools in town – one of which is probably doubling their footprint in town, wreaking havoc among the neighbors I’m sure (I’m not one of them, just an observant passerby), and who “donate” less money to this town for services than I pay for my 100-year-old house? I’ve also heard (not confirmed) that some of their employess who live onsite send their kids to our schools as well… who is paying the schools for these kids? A couple of the schools – especially the autism school – really do “donate” a lot more to the town than the one I’m mentioning.

Perhaps we could light a fire under one of our town officials to start knocking on their doors with their hands out for all of us who are REALLY struggling. My taxes have tripled in 9 years, with no additions/major improvements, etc. What gives? Maybe the private schools should be “asked” to donate the sum that the former private homeowners were required to pay in taxes, to start making it equitable. With the amount of tuition per student that they charge, its ridiculous that they’re cheaping out som badly on paying THEIR own way.

What do others think? BTW, I do know about state laws regarding non-profits, but we have to start discussing better options for this town other than just raising the taxes on the residents who haven’t already fled for green pastures.

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