Breakneck Hill cows in autumn

Earlier this week I went to the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land to visit the cows. And what friendly cows they are! Many came right over to the fence to say hello. Lucky for me, they’re not camera shy either.

Click on a thumbnail below to view as a slideshow.

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Remember, if you want to help support these great animals, you have a couple of fun ways to do so. The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Family Fun Run and Walk takes place on Sunday, and a charity Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament is being held on November 21.

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14 years ago

Wonderful!! makes me realize it has been too long since I’ve visited the cows and the Orchard. thank You!

14 years ago

Cool photos. But, are they actually cows or might they be bulls? I don’t see udders or any udder parts that would signify they don’t have udders :-)

Linda Hubley
14 years ago

They are beef cows, not milking cows. Most of the herd I believe are all cows. They usually cull out the young bulls to prevent any inbreeding.

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