Time to change your smoke detector batteries

Push and hold to test weeklyThe Southborough Fire Department reminds you to change your smoke detector batteries this weekend when you turn your clocks back an hour.

As we approach the heating and holiday seasons, incidents of residential fires rise. Properly installed and maintained smoke detectors are your first line of defense in order to protect your family in the event a fire occurs in your home. If a fire does occur in your home, you only have less than one minute to safely escape after notification by a properly installed and maintained smoke detector.  It may be too late to escape if proper warning is not provided if smoke detectors are not working due to missing smoke detectors or batteries.

Should you have any questions regarding location or types of smoke detectors required, please feel free to contact Captain Joseph Mauro, Fire Prevention Officer at 508-485-3235, or fire_inspector@southboroughma.com.

(Photo by Mulad)

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