Look for your Scouting for Food donation bags on Saturday

Brownie Troop #2770 preparing bags for the 2009 Scouting for Food Drive (contributed photo)
Brownie Troop #2770 preparing bags for the 2009 Scouting for Food Drive (contributed photo)

Scouting for Food is one of my favorite donation drives of the year. I get to clean out a bit of space in my way overcrowded pantry, I get to benefit a good and local cause, and it’s just so darn easy to participate. There’s really no excuse not to.

Boy and Girl Scouts will deliver donation bags throughout town on Saturday, November 7. Your job is to fill the bags with non-expired pantry items and then place them by your mailbox on Saturday, November 14, when scouts will be by to pick them up.

This year is the 21st annual Scouting for Food drive. By participating, you’ll help local scouts feed over 100 Southborough residents this winter. Food collected during the drive goes to the United Parishes of Southborough Food Pantry, located at Pilgrim Church. The food pantry currently serves 112 people, aged 1 to 82 years old.

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Steve Pflug
14 years ago

Please – Please – Before you place items in the Scouting for Food Bag next week make sure that you check the dates. The Southborough Food Pantry can not and does not knowingly give out food that is out of date or obviously old.
Thank You
and Thank You in advance for your donations. They are very much needed.

Steve Pflug writing for the Food Pantry

14 years ago

If it was in an envelope placed in the scouting bag, would the scouts collect gift cards to places like Stop and Shop, CVS, Walgreens etc.? as well as collect food? I know the pantry is always looking for these as well since they don’t always have items that people need or are looking for. Just curious.

Marge Coldwell
14 years ago

Just to reiterate what Steve Pflug said!
You don’t know how many trash bags of food we have to discard each year because people HAVE cleaned out what they DON’T want in their pantries.
You’d be surprised how old some of the “expire” dates are on food that people donate!
Yesterday I threw out a 1995 can!
Marge Coldwell

Steve Pflug
14 years ago

In reply to LHM regarding Gift Cards on the day of the Scouting for Food drive.
I would suggest dropping them off at Pilgrim Church directly that day (Sat Nov 14th 9-12:30) OR if you cannot do that I would place them in a large sealed envelope labeled “donation” and perhaps tape it to a cereal box.

My fear is that such an envelope will get lost in the shuffle.

Monetary donations, or gift cards, can be mailed to the Southborough Food Pantry c/o Pilgrim Church 15 Common Street Southborough MA 01772 and are always welcome.
With donated funds we are able to purchase desirable items not usually received.
Donated gift cards are usually given directly to our clients who can then purchase items not available at our food pantry.

Steve P.

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